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Pufies Baby Diapers Review

Hi. So, I got the chance to try, test and share with you guys about Pufies Baby Diapers!

To be honest, I am not really familiar with this brand. But after I read, I feel like this is a great brand.

Pufies is from Bulgaria. It has cute design so that the diaper is trendy! I memang pentingkan corak sebab biasanya diapers ni corak dia boring.... I nak something yang fun please!

I've tried this brand for few days, and I like it! The first impression is of course the design, quite pretty. They have other designs too!

Secondly, it's quite thin. Not the thinnest yang I pernah try, tapi still, nipis. I tak suka diapers yang tebal sangat sebab nampak gemuk? Haha but that is just my preference.

What I like about this diapers is, tak berbau. Pakai malam malam, and bila pagi (after 6-7 hours), still tak ada bau and tak bocor. Okay, I suka. Part ni, dia lulus. Kalau dia berbau, terus I fail kan dia. So this one, in terms of bau, dia tak ada bau teruk sangat.

It's soft, like really soft, and looks comfortable. The waistband tak ada getah, so at first I was a bit skeptical but turns out okay je. 

The tape, dia melekat kuat. Like, kuat sangat sangat kalau terlekat dekat bahagian lain, dia rosak. I don't know whether its a good thing or not but baguslah tape dia kuat melekat.

This is how it looks like inside.

Oh lagi satu, kalau pakai ni, bila basah, the cotton/sponge inside macam bergumpal? Maybe because its soft and tak macam diapers biasa. But that is not really a problem.

Plus point, no irritation, baby selesa, design comel, comfortable. Itu yang paling penting, COMFORTABLE. Performance wise, really good.

Setakat yang pakai ni, memang tak ada lagi naik rashes, getah dekat peha tak ketat sampai berbekas, dekat pinggang pun fit cantik, semua ok lah. 

About Pufies Safety
1) No known allergens
2) No fragrance or lotion
3) No known toxins
4) Non-allergenic and non-toxic colorants
5) No latex
6) Elemental chlorine-free pulp

Overall, I like this brand and I would love to try other designs pulak. They look so interesting! 

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That's all. Thanks for reading!