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Nohoo Product Launch | International Kids bags brand

Last Saturday, I managed to attend NoHoo Product Launch Event at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid.

NoHoo is an international kids bags brand, which specialized in environmental friendly children bags. They use high quality material, almost similar to the diving suit. So, yep, the material is safe and light!

 It's 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you're not satisfied, you can return them within 14 days. Plus, it's certified by World Safety & Health Organisations.

 This rabbit backpack is so cute! Nanti Maysaa besar, Mummy belikan untuk Maysaa okay? Sekarang ni Maysaa nak bawak badan sendiri pun tak larat, apatah lagi nak bawak beg :P

 They have three themes which are:
1) Ocean Theme - crab, mermaid, dolphin, shark, jaws etc
2) Castle Theme
3) Forest Theme - dino, giraffe, tiger etc

All of the designs are very eye-catching and interesting. For sure ramai jealous bila tengok bag cantik macam ni.

All the bags are so cute and I feel like buying all!

What is so special about Nohoo bags?

1) They are safe, non-toxic and pollution free.

2) They are very light and greatly alleviate the pressure of the shoulder.

3) Durable, long-lasting and wear resistant material. Plus, they have lifetime warranty. Kalau tercabut ke apa, you can fix it for FREE.

4) Water-resistant. Air tumpah ke apa, tak ada hal lah.

5) Ergonomics. They use mesh high elastic material that is designed according to children's body. Hopefully tak ada lah sakit belakang ke bahu ke sebab pakai bag.


Where to purchase?
You can purchase them from NoHoo website: nohoo2u.com or at The Parenthood.

Price range
RM99 for sling bags
RM129-RM149 for backpacks

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