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Happy Mask Berries Garden Sheet Mask Review

I saw these sheet mask dekat Guardian and ada offer buy 2 for RM10 if I'm not mistaken, so why not? 

Product Brand: Happy Mask
Product Type: Sheet Mask
Price: RM7.90 per piece (25g)
Availability: All nationwide Guardian stores
Made in: Korea

1. Brighten dull complexion
2. Evens out skin tone for radiant skin
3. Minimize and refine pores
4. Provides intense long lasting hydration

How to use?
Use after cleanser. (And after toner, essence, serum if you have)
1. Unfold mask and remove white backing
2. Align mask from top to bottom
2. Leave on about 10 - 15 minutes and remove it -- Do not use it overnight tau
3. Massage slightly with fingertips for better absorption of the excess essence on skin.
No need to rinse. Use daily for best result.

Material: Quite thick. Ada corak, unique wave pattern embossed mask sheet katanya. Takde lapisan plastik.

Essence: Clear essence tapi macam tak ada la banyak sangat essence dia.

Scent: No distinct smell that I noticed.

Fit: The fit is just nice to cover all my face, tak kena rambut, tak kena telinga, just nice sangat! Area hidung pun quite ok cuma tak fuly covered.

Adherence: Quite ok although after 10 mins, kalau duduk, mask tu macam dah tak melekat sangat dah.


For the purple one (blueberry and acai berry extract rejuvenating facial mask) tu, I do feel fresh and plump sikit, but nothing much. No irritation, tak pedih, pakai pun soothing, best je. My skin feels good but that's all.

For the pink one (mulberry extract and niacinamide facial mask), I LOVE how glow my skin looks like bila bangun pagi. Like seriously memang brightening! However, bila pakai tu after 5 mins, ada slightly tingling sensation tapi tak teruk sangat and doesn't cause any irritation and redness. But really, the mask memang best for brightening!

It took around 3-4 mins for the essence to fully absorb into the skin. It's a bit sticky even after dah fully absorb but bila pakai moisturizer, dah rasa normal and best dah.

If you don't have sensitive skin, yes!

Will I repurchase?
I'll repurchase yang brightening tu. 

That's all, thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought all the products using my own money. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)