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[Review] Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Hi! I super love matte lipsticks and apparently Silky Girl has this new Matte Junkie Lip Cream which I super love!

All five of them.

From top to bottom: 01 Retro, 02 Glamour, 03 Rebel, 04 Vintage and 06 Vixen.

I love the 04 Vintage!

What I'm wearing: 04 Vintage

You can get it at Guardian, for RM21.90. Searched it at Watsons tapi takde. Guardian je ada tapi mostly dah habis stock, kemain eh korang beli.

Update: It is finally available at Watson!

So the review.


  • Very pigmented. Applying only once is already enough!
  • Kissproof. Maksudnya lepas pakai, cuba try kiss tangan sendiri, warna dia tak melekat langsung! Which is so good.
  • Long lasting! Minum air tak hilang. Tapi kalau makan berminyak or sup, of course dia hilang sikit, so need to touch up.
  • Quite waterproof. Bila kena air, lepastu try gosok, tak hilang! Susah nak hilang.
  • Bila apply dekat bibir, dia terus dry to matte. Tak perlu tunggu lama untuk kering.
  • Very affordable!!


  • Bibir rasa kering so lipbalm is needed! But it's matte, all matte lipsticks are like that.
  • Hard to remove. Tapi takdelah susah macam Colourpop UML, yang tu paling susah!

I really recommend this. Besttttt!!!! 4.8/5.0.

If you have any questions, you can ask me at my askfm: imanabdulrahim :)

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My Peach Resume

I instagram this a while ago, and many girls asked me how did I do this. So this blogpost is the answer :)

First of all, you need a Microsoft Publisher.

Secondly, you need some inspirations. My inspirations are from pinterest. There are A LOT of pretty resumes! Just search "resume design" and you'll be rambang mata nak semua!

Next, when you have the idea on how your "pretty" resume will look like, you can start your project. 

Just draw the text box, type in your name and majoring. Insert your picture too!

Insert text box, type in all your details, susun cantik cantik. For the icon, (envelopes, mobile phone, location), just google it, copy and paste it. For example, the envelope,

Just google "envelope icon", the pilih bentuk mana yang suka, copy, paste it in your project.

And then, right click on the icon, click format picture, then recolor it to the colour that you want. I choose peach.

Search other icons and repeat the steps above. Susun cantik cantik dekat tepi tu.

Next, for languages proficiency, it would be boring if you just put 5/5 ke, 4/5 ke, so I decided to use bullets. 

And then, just change the color of the bullet one by one (sila gigih ya). If the first language is 5/5, make all the bullets peach, kalau yang tak, buat grey. Depends on you.

I did the same for the skill part. Just list all your skills and do the bullet part.

For the other parts (Activities, Achievements, Projects), just use the normal text box and type all the details. I make sure that my line spacing is 0pt untuk jimatkan ruang.

My actual resume. Since it's just a resume, I only put important and relevant info only.

Save the your publisher project as pdf. And then when you want to apply for any jobs, just send the pdf version. TADAAAA

Disclaimer: I didn't use this resume untuk apply kerja betul betul. I only used this resume for my internship application. Untuk apply kerja lepas graduate, I used a CV, not resume. And my CV is only a simple black and white, formal template. 

Difference between CV and resume: Resume is only a brief summary of your skills and experiences. CV is more detail. For example, in the project part, I only write what project that I did. In my CV, I explain more about the project, what are the objectives, the software that I used, the skills that I obtained. 

If you have anyting to ask, just ask me at askfm: imanabdulrahim :)

How to score A+ in Add Maths SPM

This tips can also be applicable for other subjects!

1. Develop your love. In order to fall in love, you need to find the attraction. Find the attraction. Find the reason why you love Add Maths. Because you've always wanted to be an engineer ke, because you just want that self satisfaction, because you feel that people who understands Add Maths is sexier ke, haaa suka hati

2. Determination. Don't give up easily. Prove to people that it is possible to get A+. Have a vision board. "Get A+ in Add Maths SPM. #lifegoals". Out of so many life goals, include getting A+ in Add Maths as your goals.

3. Understand not memorize. Understand where and how to use the formulas. Understand the concept so that if you are given any numbers, you'll know. Understand everything. Dia macam kalau lelaki nak faham perempuan kan susah, tapi bila dah faham, semua jadi smooth je. Sama lah macam Add Maths, bila dah faham, bagi lah soalan apa pun, senang je nak selesaikan.

3. Practice. Beli buku yang topikal, sebab dia akan bagi soalan untuk setiap topik dengan lebih mendalam. Buy books that have complete solution, not only the final answer so you know how to solve the problem step by step. Tak ada lah tension, "MACAM MANA BOLEH DAPAT JAWAPAN MACAM NI???" Lepas tu stress sorang sorang.

4. Practice past year papers. Trial papers. Timing yourself like you're in the exam. If you can't do it, just flip through the answers. Don't waste your time trying things you don't even know or understand. Membazir masa je.

5. Buy literally all the exercise books at the bookstore. If you can't afford it, go to the library, borrow from you friends and photostat them, ask your seniors or ask your teachers for extra exercises and do it RELIGIOUSLY. Masa lepas PMR dulu, sementara tunggu nak masuk Form 4, I bought a lot of exercise books because people have been saying Add Maths susah gila, takde harapan, so I don't want to prove them right, I want to prove that Add Maths sebenarnya boleh je nak dapat A+.

6. Practice a lot of times until you are familiar with the questions. Do Add Maths as if its your hobby. Dedicate two hours every weekdays to do Add Maths and maybe five hours during the weekend. You'll cry, you'll be stressed out, but it's gonna be worth it. Lepas ni bukak je soalan, dah tahu macam mana nak jawab. Dah nampak dah jalan kerja dalam kepala.

7. Try Wolfram Alpha. It is one of the best website where you can type in all your questions and it will give you the solution.

Literally everything from Algebra, Calculus, Trigo. Just type in the question.

For example, you want to factorize. It will give you the step by step solution.

The best!

My parents never believed in tuition so when I was Form 4, of course literally everyone pergi tuition and there's me, orang yang tak pernah pergi tuition but of course, there are many other sources you can learn especially from the internet, as long as you are rajin enough nak search satu satu. But trust me, it will be worth it.

8. Youtube! You can just search all the step by step solution on youtube.

9. Find your go-to person. The person you can ask every time you have any difficulties. Either your teacher, your mum, you dad, your kakak, your abang, your seniors, your friends, any one yang sanggup ajar ajar satu dengan penuh kasih sayang.

10. Finally after all the effort, don't forget to doa and tawakkal. Ask redha from your parents and your teacher. InsyaAllah, you can do it. All the best!

If you have any question, you can ask at my askfm: imanabdulrahim :)

My ACL husband

My husband is a crazy futsal player. He'd normally play futsal 1-2 hours everyday, even on the weekends. Normally kalau jatuh ke apa, (being the supportive wife), I'll always tolong urutkan. Sakit sakit pun boleh turun main lagi, ikat je lutut tu ketat ketat and boleh main (katanya).

But when things get serious sampai lutut tak boleh nak bengkok, solat pun duduk antara dua sujud tak boleh duduk properly, we decided to go and see a specialist. Ok confirm, memang doctor cakap bukan setakat ACL putus, meniscus pun koyak.

Ni gambar ACL, in my husband's case, ACL dia complete tear, maksudnya memang putus terus and meniscus tear yang warna biru dalam gambar tu pun koyak jugak. Punca dia, maybe jatuh atau pun sebab ada orang langgar. Kalau tak operate pun takpe, tapi layan je lah lutut goyang macam tu and ada potensi kena arthritis bila tua nanti. Doctor nasihatkan buat operation, rehat 9 bulan, nanti boleh main semula macam biasa sebab my husband is still young.

So we booked the doctor, terus book next week untuk surgery sekali, (being the #IsteriBerguna), I settled everything, call the doctor, settle admission, all the insurance and papers.

The night before admission, my husband went to play futsal konon konon the last one before operation and cuti 9 bulan. Dia punya main beriya tu macam esok tu nak mati. Main bersungguh sungguh. Tak reti nak insaf betul lah eeee laki sapa entah degil sangat, nasib baik malam tu tak patah semua kaki lutut semua ha baru dia insaf agaknya.

The day before the surgery, dah kena admit masuk hospital but before that, kena buat MRI to reaaaally make sure that the ACL is complete tear although the doctor is 100% confident that it is ACL complete tear, but of course, kena ada bukti.

I update my twitter, A LOT, but not on my public twitter. I have a private twitter where I can membebel like nobody's business and I feel like kalau update banyak sangat dekat public twitter pun nanti orang rimas, hence, the private twitter.

Admission time.

The surgery was scheduled on Wednesday 27th January 2016 so on Tuesday dah kena admit.

Tapi tak buat pun LOL

That night, we watched some movies and talked about the surgery esok. My husband macam biasa lah, "Jom Sayang, kita lari dari hospital ni. Tak perlu kot operation ni". Zzzzz

It's the day. Being the clingy wife, of course, rasa macam nak teman sekali masuk Operation Theatre boleh tak. Nak duduk sebelah, nak bersembang, nak tengok. (Ni clingy ke busybody ni). At first the doctor decided nak bius kasi tidur, which is our option sebab kalau bius half body nanti boleh dengar everything, dengar dia gerudi or whatsoever.

Lepas dah hantar sampai depan OT tu, drama lah kan, pintu tertutup pastu lambai dari luar je rasa nak nangis kan, macam lah operate lutut ni boleh mati tapi itulah. I waited at the ward alone sebab saja lah nak feeling sensorang (kau apehal nak feeling, operate lutut je pun), and then dapat call, the doctor can't do full bius which means, my husband boleh dengar and sedar during the whole surgery, which is his worst nightmare. It was the worst feeling ever, for not being able to be besides your husband when he needs you. Takkan nak pergi redah je masuk OT tu lepastu bagi semangat, "Relax Sayang relax, you can do this". 


And the doctor estimated the surgery would only take around two hours tapi lepas tiga jam, takde berita. Berapa puluh kali suruh nurse call OT tanya dah siap ke belum, I bet that nurse rasa nak menyumpah ada perempuan macam ni. Eh hello mestilah risau. Lepas nearly four hours of waiting, nurse kata dah siap, terus ikut nurse sekali, nak pergi ambil dekat OT ewah ewah busybody betul tau.

Right after operation.

That night, we slept together atas katil single tu kan, sebab tak dapat extra tilam.

The next day, since my husband memang tak boleh bangun langsung dari katil, semua benda memang buat atas katil, EVERYTHING. Which means, ambilkan wuduk, mandikan, gosokkan gigi, pee. Yes. Ada bekas so you'll pee in that bekas, and bawak the bekas, buangkan dalam toilet bowl. Tapi tak geli pun, sebab sayang kan. Hahaha.

During physiotherapy.

Tak sampai 24 jam after the surgery, the physiotherapist dah suruh start jalan, which hurts so bad (katanya, I teman je). 

Don't you worry, I'm always here for you.

We stayed in the hospital for 5 days, and even bila family suruh balik rumah rehat, I didn't go back home. Sepanjang masa menghadap je orang sakit ni sebab takdelah penat pun, bukan kena stay up jaga. Setakat jaga macam baby je, haha

Kejap je sakit dia. Masuk hari kedua, dah boleh main main dah. Habis katil hospital ni macam macam position dah.

Total operation cost: RM33,000 at Columbia Hospital, Balakong. (Tak termasuk physiotheraphy). Nasib baik ada insurance. Kos lagi mahal dari kos kahwin ok!

After operation, dah boleh jalan pakai tongkat tapi jalan lembab. Kadang kadang bila tension jalan lembab sangat, I asked him to sit in the wheel chair je then I'll tolak him around, contohnya tengah shopping groceries macam ni.

And what makes me even sakit hati, tak sampai dua bulan, dah mintak main futsal eeee tak insaf betul tau. Kalau main lepastu putus lagi ACL tu camne?

I did a poll on twitter. Out of 233 people who vote, 89% suruh ikat je dalam almari. I'm still curious who are the 11% yang suruh bagi. I bet his futsal friends. Sorry, cuti 9 bulan ok.

I even asked Dr. Mahyuddin on twitter, of course, it's a NO. No futsal for 9 months.

Harini baru nearly three months. I hope I can sabar for the next 6 months. Setiap hari kena tadah je soalan, "Sayang, boleh tak kite main futsal harini?". Hmmm.


My Basic Drugstore Makeup Essentials For Beginners

1. Foundation
Function: To hide uneven tone or discolouration.
Suggestion: Boujois Healthy Mix Serum. Review here
Price: RM55
Where: Selected Watsons


A compact powder. I'm using Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One. Around RM20.

  • SPF 32 so I don't need to wear sunblock or suncreen
  • Light to medium coverage, for daily use
  • Can reduce my dark circles and redness
  • Because I have dry skin, I need to really moisturize my skin first, before using

2. Concealer

Function:Cover up dark circles, blemishes, parut jerawat.
Suggestion: Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral in shade 01
Where: Any Watsons or Guardian
Price: RM18.90 (but normally ada discount)


  • Easy to blend
  • Enough to hide my dark circles and blemishes
  • Doesn't dry my skin
  • Small, easy for travelling
  • Only have two shades, and the light shade is not light enough

3. Blusher

Function: Add colour to your cheeks, so that your face won't look pucat, berseri seri sikit
Suggestion: Wet n wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink
Price: Around RM25
Where: Sasa outlet (You can find the list of Wet n Wild store here.)

  • Can be use as a highlighter, blusher and bronzer! 
  • Can work individually or blended together.
  • I usually use the pale shimmery colour as my highlighter
  • Can be use as eyeshadow too. Sometimes I apply the champagne bronze colour on my eyelids.
  • Easy for travelling

  • The lid is screw top, susah nak pulas lepastu bukak. Lagi senang kalau flip open je.

However, I LOVE THIS! 4 in one. Highlighter, blusher, bronzer and eyeshadow.

4. Mascara

Function: Open up and define your eyes, making you look more awake
Suggestion: Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Price: RM15.90
Where: Selected Watsons


  • Nice volume and length
  • I love the pink packaging
  • No clumping 
  • Cheap!
  • Easy to remove
  • Not a waterproof mascara

5. Eyeliner Pencil

Function: Make your eyes pop
Suggestion: Silky Girl Long Wearing Eyeliner in Brown
Price: Around RM20
Where: Any Watsons or Guardian


  • Easy to apply even for beginner and glides on smoothly!
  • Retractable, meaning tak perlu leceh pakai sharpener
  • Natural finishing

6. Brow pencil

Function: Define your brows
Suggestion: Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton
Price: Around RM17
Where: Selected Guardian


  • Easy to control
  • Have spoolie at the other end! So you can brush your brows. LOVE
  • Not retractable. Leceh nak sharp kasi tajam.

7. Lipstick
The final essential is lipstick. You can view my top 5 everyday lipsticks under RM30, here.

That's all for my basic makeup essentials!