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How to score A+ in Add Maths SPM

This tips can also be applicable for other subjects!

1. Develop your love. In order to fall in love, you need to find the attraction. Find the attraction. Find the reason why you love Add Maths. Because you've always wanted to be an engineer ke, because you just want that self satisfaction, because you feel that people who understands Add Maths is sexier ke, haaa suka hati

2. Determination. Don't give up easily. Prove to people that it is possible to get A+. Have a vision board. "Get A+ in Add Maths SPM. #lifegoals". Out of so many life goals, include getting A+ in Add Maths as your goals.

3. Understand not memorize. Understand where and how to use the formulas. Understand the concept so that if you are given any numbers, you'll know. Understand everything. Dia macam kalau lelaki nak faham perempuan kan susah, tapi bila dah faham, semua jadi smooth je. Sama lah macam Add Maths, bila dah faham, bagi lah soalan apa pun, senang je nak selesaikan.

3. Practice. Beli buku yang topikal, sebab dia akan bagi soalan untuk setiap topik dengan lebih mendalam. Buy books that have complete solution, not only the final answer so you know how to solve the problem step by step. Tak ada lah tension, "MACAM MANA BOLEH DAPAT JAWAPAN MACAM NI???" Lepas tu stress sorang sorang.

4. Practice past year papers. Trial papers. Timing yourself like you're in the exam. If you can't do it, just flip through the answers. Don't waste your time trying things you don't even know or understand. Membazir masa je.

5. Buy literally all the exercise books at the bookstore. If you can't afford it, go to the library, borrow from you friends and photostat them, ask your seniors or ask your teachers for extra exercises and do it RELIGIOUSLY. Masa lepas PMR dulu, sementara tunggu nak masuk Form 4, I bought a lot of exercise books because people have been saying Add Maths susah gila, takde harapan, so I don't want to prove them right, I want to prove that Add Maths sebenarnya boleh je nak dapat A+.

6. Practice a lot of times until you are familiar with the questions. Do Add Maths as if its your hobby. Dedicate two hours every weekdays to do Add Maths and maybe five hours during the weekend. You'll cry, you'll be stressed out, but it's gonna be worth it. Lepas ni bukak je soalan, dah tahu macam mana nak jawab. Dah nampak dah jalan kerja dalam kepala.

7. Try Wolfram Alpha. It is one of the best website where you can type in all your questions and it will give you the solution.

Literally everything from Algebra, Calculus, Trigo. Just type in the question.

For example, you want to factorize. It will give you the step by step solution.

The best!

My parents never believed in tuition so when I was Form 4, of course literally everyone pergi tuition and there's me, orang yang tak pernah pergi tuition but of course, there are many other sources you can learn especially from the internet, as long as you are rajin enough nak search satu satu. But trust me, it will be worth it.

8. Youtube! You can just search all the step by step solution on youtube.

9. Find your go-to person. The person you can ask every time you have any difficulties. Either your teacher, your mum, you dad, your kakak, your abang, your seniors, your friends, any one yang sanggup ajar ajar satu dengan penuh kasih sayang.

10. Finally after all the effort, don't forget to doa and tawakkal. Ask redha from your parents and your teacher. InsyaAllah, you can do it. All the best!

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