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My Peach Resume

I instagram this a while ago, and many girls asked me how did I do this. So this blogpost is the answer :)

First of all, you need a Microsoft Publisher.

Secondly, you need some inspirations. My inspirations are from pinterest. There are A LOT of pretty resumes! Just search "resume design" and you'll be rambang mata nak semua!

Next, when you have the idea on how your "pretty" resume will look like, you can start your project. 

Just draw the text box, type in your name and majoring. Insert your picture too!

Insert text box, type in all your details, susun cantik cantik. For the icon, (envelopes, mobile phone, location), just google it, copy and paste it. For example, the envelope,

Just google "envelope icon", the pilih bentuk mana yang suka, copy, paste it in your project.

And then, right click on the icon, click format picture, then recolor it to the colour that you want. I choose peach.

Search other icons and repeat the steps above. Susun cantik cantik dekat tepi tu.

Next, for languages proficiency, it would be boring if you just put 5/5 ke, 4/5 ke, so I decided to use bullets. 

And then, just change the color of the bullet one by one (sila gigih ya). If the first language is 5/5, make all the bullets peach, kalau yang tak, buat grey. Depends on you.

I did the same for the skill part. Just list all your skills and do the bullet part.

For the other parts (Activities, Achievements, Projects), just use the normal text box and type all the details. I make sure that my line spacing is 0pt untuk jimatkan ruang.

My actual resume. Since it's just a resume, I only put important and relevant info only.

Save the your publisher project as pdf. And then when you want to apply for any jobs, just send the pdf version. TADAAAA

Disclaimer: I didn't use this resume untuk apply kerja betul betul. I only used this resume for my internship application. Untuk apply kerja lepas graduate, I used a CV, not resume. And my CV is only a simple black and white, formal template. 

Difference between CV and resume: Resume is only a brief summary of your skills and experiences. CV is more detail. For example, in the project part, I only write what project that I did. In my CV, I explain more about the project, what are the objectives, the software that I used, the skills that I obtained. 

If you have anyting to ask, just ask me at askfm: imanabdulrahim :)