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[Review] Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Hi! I super love matte lipsticks and apparently Silky Girl has this new Matte Junkie Lip Cream which I super love!

All five of them.

From top to bottom: 01 Retro, 02 Glamour, 03 Rebel, 04 Vintage and 06 Vixen.

I love the 04 Vintage!

What I'm wearing: 04 Vintage

You can get it at Guardian, for RM21.90. Searched it at Watsons tapi takde. Guardian je ada tapi mostly dah habis stock, kemain eh korang beli.

Update: It is finally available at Watson!

So the review.


  • Very pigmented. Applying only once is already enough!
  • Kissproof. Maksudnya lepas pakai, cuba try kiss tangan sendiri, warna dia tak melekat langsung! Which is so good.
  • Long lasting! Minum air tak hilang. Tapi kalau makan berminyak or sup, of course dia hilang sikit, so need to touch up.
  • Quite waterproof. Bila kena air, lepastu try gosok, tak hilang! Susah nak hilang.
  • Bila apply dekat bibir, dia terus dry to matte. Tak perlu tunggu lama untuk kering.
  • Very affordable!!


  • Bibir rasa kering so lipbalm is needed! But it's matte, all matte lipsticks are like that.
  • Hard to remove. Tapi takdelah susah macam Colourpop UML, yang tu paling susah!

I really recommend this. Besttttt!!!! 4.8/5.0.

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