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Safi Micellar Natural Cleansing Oil Review

Safi Micellar Natural Cleansing Oil Review

Why I want to try this product:
This is the first time I nampak Safi ada cleansing oil, and I terus beli. Tapi macam biasa lah, nak dekat setahun baru review.... And I nak try a new drugstore oil cleanser. Setakat ni I’ve tried Hada Labo, Simple, Nutox, Senka and maybe ada lagi kot, tapi lupa dah.

100% Natural Active Ingredients, dissolve waterproof makeup, lift dirt and impurities, radiance boosting.

You can refer to cosdna's website:

It contains olive oil, similar to Muji Cleansing Oil which I also love. You can read my review here: Muji Oil Cleansing Review

Packaging: 100ml transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. All details are printed clearly on the bottle including full ingredient list, how to use and manufacturing date. However I cannot find the PAO. 

Texture: The oil texture is quite thick and melts my waterproof makeup nicely. Pakai mascara yang waterproof pun tak risau sebab this oil cleanser can remove it without kena tonyoh kuat kuat. And tak buat mata kabur sangat lepas guna.

Scent: Highly fragranced. Macam letak sabun mandi yang wangi kat kulit muka.

Price: Less than RM20 if Im not mistaken. You can get this from Watsons / Guardian.

This is a decent and among the cheapest oil cleanser at the drugstore. 100ml for only RM20, that's a good deal. Simple Hydrating Cleanser is around RM30 for 125ml, MUJI Oil Cleansing is around RM50 for 200ml and Hada Labo is almost RM60 for 200ml. Ni kalau nak compare the price lah. 

I like that it's small, 100ml, and ada lock dekat pump so it's easy to travel with. But knowing me, I dah hilangkan dah pump lock tu hahaha so takde function dah lah. I tak pernah bawa travel so I don't know sama ada it will leak or not.

The texture is quite thick, I like to massage it on my skin to make sure all my waterproof makeup melts completely. The performance of this oil cleanser is good, tak pedihkan mata, tak buat mata rasa kelabu. 

The only thing that I don't like is the scent. Memang fragrance dia sangat lah kuat. I don't really prefer fragrance because sometimes dia buat kulit I pedih but surprisingly, this one tak rasa pedih. Cuma bila pakai tu, I rasa sesak nafas sikit lah sebab I don't like the smell!! Tak suka!!

Overall, a good oil cleanser, definitely worth to try. Kalau dia takde fragrance, I recommend 10/10 haha.Will not repurchase unless kalau emergency, atau Safi buat version yang unscented. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. Every skin is different. Results from using this product may vary depending on your own skin. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience.