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Innisfree Daily UV Protection Essence (Sensitive) Review

Innisfree Daily UV Protection Essence (Sensitive) Review

I bought this at Innisfree store when I went to Korea in 2018. Im not sure if it's available or not dekat Innisfree Malaysia store sebab I checked dekat website Innisfree Malaysia, tak ada pulak.

I don't have the full ingredient list but here is the ingredient list based on Skincarisma's website: https://www.skincarisma.com/products/innisfree/daily-uv-protection-essence-sensitive-spf50-pa

Sunscreen filters:
Titanium Dioxide

It comes in a 50ml white bottle with a screwable cap.

Slight chemical scent, macam bau ubat pun ada jugak.

It has a white milky cream texture

My thoughts on Innisfree Daily UV Protection Essence (Sensitive)
This is a physical sunscreen with only titanium dioxide as the filter. If your skin is sensitive with chemical filter, this sunscreen might be suitable for you. The SPF rating is SPF50 and PA++++ which is very high protection from UVA.

It has a milky creamy texture that absorbs nicely into the skin, leaving a smooth dewy finish with no stickiness or greasiness AT ALL. Bila pegang kulit, takde melekit apa apa, rasa silky smooth macam lepas pakai bedak tapi tak drying on my skin eventhough I have dry skin. This is also good under makeup.

There is no white cast (yang buat kulit nampak kelabu), no pilling (rasa macam keluar habuk habuk bila apply sunscreen), doesn't irritate my skin and feels comfortable on my skin. Overall, I like it! (Except for the scent tapi it's not a big issue pun).

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. Every skin is different. Results from using this product may vary depending on your own skin. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience.