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Pink by Pure Beauty Enzyme Cleansing Powder Review

Pink by Pure Beauty Enzyme Cleansing Powder Review

To be honest, this is my first time trying enzyme cleansing powder since it's hard to get dekat drugstore. Bila tengok ada dekat Watsons, I terus beli.

The price is RM35.90 for 24pcs which is quite expensive for me. Satu almost RM1.50. Kalau sehari guna dua, takkan nak spend RM3 sehari just to cleanse your face?

Okay tapi sebab I tak guna everyday. This size sesuai untuk travel. Sehari guna satu je. For me, quite worth it lah kalau selalu travel sebab senang nak bawa. I don't use this as my daily cleanser.

Cara nak guna enzyme cleansing powder?

1. Tuang atas tangan

 Like this. Dia macam serbuk je.

2. Tambah air. Ikut lah nak banyak mana. Kalau rasa nak exfoliate sekali, letak sikit je air.

3. Gosok gosok sampai berbuih sikit and cuci muka macam biasa. Bilas. Siap!

This is the ingredients.

Packaging: Individual packaging is nice sebab dalam small 0.35g capsule. I personally think satu capsule boleh guna 2x, for AM and PM routine. So kalau nak travel, sehari budget satu capsule. However, it's hard kalau dah guna lepastu nak simpan, dia tak stable and senang tumpah. For me it's a bit messy tapi kalau dah biasa, maybe okay.

Scent: No noticeable strong scent. Dia ada bau masam masam macam citrus sikit but not to strong.

 The pH is around pH5-6 which is good for your skin.

My thoughts
I love the design, the ingredients, how easy it is to travel and it is low pH. However, it makes my skin feels a little bit dry and tight, so I don't really like it. 

That's all. Thanks for reading!