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Our 2017 New Year Celebration

On 31st December 2016, after my family dinner, around 10pm-ish we decided to go to KLCC to see the new year fireworks. I've always wanted to see fireworks at KLCC but last year we arrived late around 11.50pm at KLCC and there's no parking so.... Tak best langsung and stuck in the traffic.

The year before, I'm still single so bahaya anak dara keluar malam malam just to see fireworks haha dah kahwin baru rasa selamat at least pergi dengan suami ha gituuu.

So, we arrived around 10.30 and the traffic was not that bad, so we decided to park at some tower (lupa dah nama dia) but it's only RM10 per entry. Imagine parking dekat KLCC, entah berapa pulak cost kan. Then we walked to KLCC.

It was so meriah! Although the vuvuzella is a bit annoying but it was fun seeing all the crowds!

We went to KLCC park sebab less people but lama lama jadi crowded jugak lagi lagi nak dekat midnight. We lepak at the park sambil cari spot best tengok KLCC.

Our spot, directly facing KLCC.

Approaching midnight, everyone was standing and screaming for the countdown. Beriya menghadap KLCC. Turns out, the fireworks was at the back. So we went towards the tasik there, and there's not so many people so we watched the fireworks while laying down on the grass. So romantic :p

It was so fun, watching the fireworks right in front of your eyes, sambil baring menghadap langit during the night. Best moment ever!

The fireworks lasted for around 8 mins. Then, we walked back to our car. It felt so faaaaar. Took us around 30 mins to reach the car. Nasib baik meriah. 

Conclusion, waited 80 mins to watch 8 mins fireworks. Hahaha at least it was worth it.

Tapi tahun depan nak duduk rumah je please. Dah puas dah