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[Review & Tips] Coconut Oil

*This is not a sponsored post.

The first time I heard about the benefit of coconut oil is from youtube. And then I did my own research and terus terpengaruh nak try.

Nutro Coco Virgin Coconut Oil. 

I bought this from Mercato, Pavillion for RM18.90. Dekat Jaya Grocer, Cold Storage and even AEON pun ada jugak.

Why I bought this Coconut Oil (and reviews!)

1. To remove my makeups! Normally I'll tuang the coconut oil on the cotton pad and slowly remove my makeups. Sometimes I'll massage the oil on my skin, lepastu hilangkan semua makeups pakai cotton pad. Macam cuci muka. Semua mascara yang waterproof, semua senang nak remove. Quick and effective! Lepas dah hilang semua makeup, baru cuci muka pakai the normal cleanser. So this coconut oil can also be used as oil cleansing. Tak perlu beli banyak banyak produk lain dah.

2. This coconut oil also moisturize the skin, because the normal makeup remover sometimes will irritates or make your skin tight/dry. Hence, my skin becomes softer and moisturized, tak kering. Another plus point!

3. As a lip moisturizer! Pakai dekat bibir so that bibir tak kering sangat!

4. Hair treatment. Apply generous amount dekat rambut, pakai shower cap and wait for one-two hours. Lepastu bilas and basuh rambut. Result: Your hair will become more soft and shiny. And smells nice too! (If you're a fan of coconut scent). Do it once a week is enough.

5. Great for dry skin! But for me, it's a bit oily kalau nak letak dekat kulit. Macam, letak minyak dekat kulit kan, of course berminyak.... Tapi letak sikit sikit okay lah! I'd prefer using a lotion.

6. A a shaving cream. Takde lah sore sangat kulit tu.

7. Prevent stretch marks! Sapu dekat perut and tempat tempat berkaitan during pregnancy.

Other beauty use of Coconut Oil that I haven't tried yet, (TAPI KENA TRY)

1. Breath freshener. Kumur pakai coconut oil, because it can help to clear the germs inside your mouth. This technique is known as 'oil pulling' -- Okay, kumur pakai minyak... Tak pelik ke rasa dia??

2. Undereye cream, because it has anti-aging properties and prevent wrinkles.

3. Itch relief & insect repellent. 

4. Moisturizer. Apply thin layer on your skin and remove the excess oil with a towel.

Andd, the main reason why I love coconut oil, is because it is NATURAL. Tak risau lah chemical pelik pelik nak letak dekat muka, kulit and rambut. And I loooooove the smell <3

Hope this post will help you guys xxx