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[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask


At first I was very sceptical about Korean brand. Diorang memang dah cantik, buat apa pakai produk cantik cantik. But after reading some few reviews, and about Innisfree, I reaaaally wanted to try their products! 

So I bought Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. I like their packaging! 

Product info: A mask with Micro Clay Mousse containing Super Volcanic Clusters that is effective at absorbing excessive sebum and fine dust stuck between small pores and wrinkles. (Based on their website) 

Basically untuk bersihkan pores dari sebarang kotoran and ketatkan pores. Supaya kulit muka lagi bersih, cantik flawless!

 One of the reason why I bought this one instead of the normal jar yang famous tu is because it has a pump so it's more hygienic, no need to scoop it from the jar. You just press the pump je.

The texture is sooo creamy and best letak dekat muka. Just make sure you don't press it too much, membazir namanya.

My review:

My skin is a bit dry, so when I use this mask, it will reaaaaally tighten my skin and pedih sangat, so I stopped using it. Definitely a no no for me, very drying! 

But that's okay. Nasib baik ada orang lain yang boleh guna.

For example, this guy.

These guys pun boleh jugak. (Kesian adik adik kena tadah je muka)

At last, bagi diorang je pakai. I tried to religiously force my husband to use this mask, at least once a week but of course kena pakai kan.

How to use it?

Sapu dekat muka, avoid kawasan mata and bibir. Rinse it with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

  • Remove impurities, blackheads etc etc. Dia tarik semua kotoran lagi lagi dekat area hidung.
  • Brighten up the skin. Kalau pakai ni malam, esok pagi nya mesti nampak lagi cerah and bersih sikit muka daripada biasa.
  • Not messy, easy to apply!
  • Your face will feel clean and smooth
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Tighten the pores
  • Not suitable for dry skin (or just me)
  • Dehydrating! Need to use moisturizer lepas guna this mask. Unless you have a very oily skin.

Price: RM70
Weight: 100 ml

Where to get: Innisfree stores, available in Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Paradigm Mall, and KLCC!

Too bad, I can't enjoy this product but at least orang lain boleh guna! This product has so many great reviews. I'd highly recommend you this product if it suits your skin. Hope you can benefit this post.

*Bought with my own money. Not a sponsored post.