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Of girlfriends and Abby's Bachelorette Party

As a typical 20-something lady, it's common having friends that are getting engaged, getting married, expecting or having babies!

And since one of our friend, Abby, is getting married, we decided to throw a surprise party! Eh takde lah party sangat pun. We book a venue, buy some balloons, flowers, sash and a crown to celebrate the bride to be! The theme was supposed to be pink, but... Sorry lah I lupa ingatan and came with almost all black attire macam berkabung.

What we did:

Aliah prepared a list of questions for us to play, and Abby will tell whether what we answered was correct or not. Soalan first dah kantoi, "When is her birthday" hahaha dasar kawan tak guna betul.

What we ordered:

Zoo Keeper's Meal: Salmon, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage, Fried Chicken, Egg, Mushroom, Hash Brown and Salad.

And some waffles which Yaya ordered!

Macam biasa bila jumpa, kena tangkap gambar banyak banyak, and of course update pasal isu semasa diri sendiri, and gossips!

And yesterday, Alhamdulillah, Abby dah sah menjadi isteri orang dengan sekali lafaz.

As the bridemaids, we ordered the same outfit. Walaupun I busy kerja, gigihlah ukur diri sendiri and bagi ukuran. And although I menyampah pakai shawl, takpe demi Abby, I pakai juga.

One selfie with the bride right before Akad Nikah. Happy Married Life Abby & Zurin!

Important tip untuk yang bakal kahwin: Please make sure your future husband still let you go out and socialize with your girl friends, okay? Unless, if you don't want to socialize lah after getting married :P

That's why my mum always remind me, dah kahwin nanti jangan lupa kawan. Always have your own circle of friends who you know you can always count on :)