LaF Med.Secret Cream Ceramide Review

I bought this LaF Med.Secret Cream Ceramide during the Guardian sale here (Guardian 40% sale) last month. After 5 weeks, habis dah. So this is my review.

I noticed this brand a few months ago at Guardian Malaysia. They have three types of cream, Aquaporin (for hydration and minimize pores), The First (moisturizing and glow) and Ceramide (dry, sensitive skin and for skin barrier)

The normal price is RM49 so bila sale 40% dapat murah yay! Kalau normal price, for me it's a bit expensive lah, dah lah 50ml je product. Sikit sangat for me.

Packaging dia semua korea so I tak faham apa ingredients ni. Nasib baik jumpa the ingredient list from here (

Ingredient analysis:
There's a lot of emollients and occlusive which is good for dry and dehydrated skin. Ingredients like cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, beeswax, ni semua elok for dry skin since sebab dia bagi texture kulit lagi smooth so kurang lah sikit rasa kering.

Also contains centella (pegaga) which is good for redness. Green tea extract as anti-oxidants. However, ada banyak essential oils like lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, bergamot fruit oil, pummelo fruit oil yang boleh buat kulit irritated, depends on your skin.

Packaging. I like how the cream is in the tube. Biasanya kalau moisturizer in a jar packaging, it won't keep the anti-oxidant stable bila dah terdedah dengan cahaya dan udara. Lagi lagi kalau celup jari, lagi lah tak bersih. Kalau pakai spatula, okay lah. So yes, I like the tube packaging, nak guna picit je. Cuma screwable cap ni sometimes ada potensi cap dia hilang. I dah la suka hilangkan penutup :(

Texture. The texture is quite thick due to the emollients yang ada, dia buatkan texture cream ni jadi lagi berat. It has a smooth texture yang bila apply, kulit rasa lembut je. It absorbs quite well, cuma ada lah rasa melekit lekit dia. The formula is great for dry skin tapi kalau kulit yang berminyak tu, maybe akan jadi melekit and greasy. Unless duduk aircond lah kot.

Scent. Good news, it does not contain fragrance. Yay! However, it does contain some essential oils and bau this product macam lemon. Citris-ish. Macam Biore Perfect Watery Gel (kalau biasa bau lah). I kinda like the scent, rasa refreshing bila apply. Tapi kalau ada kulit yang sensitive dengan essential oils, maybe tak sesuai sebab dia berpotensi untuk irritate kulit. But for me, okay je.

I bought this because it contains ceramide. Ceramide is good to repair your skin barrier. Skin barrier ni penting supaya kulit tak rasa ketat, kering, dry patches. Sometimes kalau skin barrier rosak, mula lah naik jerawat apa semua. So, it is important to make sure your skin barrier is good.

However...... Ceramide ni dalam ingredient list, dekat bawah bawah. Mentang mentang ada ceramide dalam ingredient, dia letak nama ceramide dekat packaging.... Awat tak bagi nama Centella ke Green tea ke....

It also contains coconut oil which can potentially clog your pores jugak! Essential oils pun ada potensi buat kulit irritate and pedih. 

As for my experience? Everything is good. I love the texture, I love the scent, I love how it makes my skin feels soft and smooth. No irritation, no weird reaction. Semua best je!

Cuma size je lah kecil. 50ml untuk RM49 is quite pricy for me, unless beli time sale. Kalau sekali pakai 0.5ml, sehari pakai 3x, dalam sebulan lebih sikit je dah habis dah. And I dah habiskan dah pun. (Kalau berjaya habiskan tu maksudnya best lah tu hehe)

Pros: Smooth texture, tube packaging, contains anti-oxidants and emollients which is good for dry skin, no alcohol, no fragrance.

Overall. This is a good cream for dry skin. However, be careful if you have very sensitive skin since some ingredients can potentially irritate or clog your pores.

That's all, thanks for reading! 

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought all the products using my own money. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)


  1. Hai kak Iman. Saya nak tanya akak beli di mana ye? Di guardian mana ye?

  2. How about the pink one.. can u give the review nxt time? ��

  3. Sis, sy guna local product skrg. Kulit ok je skrg. Tp sy tak boleh nak stop. Kalau tak dia akan breakout. Sy nak stop sbb skrg tahu local product ni mcm tak selamat sangat in future. Kulit tak sihat. So, mcm mana sy nak stop product ni and use drugstore product

  4. Hai iman,mind share pregnancy skincare routine? What cans and cants. im 5th weeks pregnant now. from what i searched before, salicylic acid is a cants.

  5. Kalau compare dgn hada labo, mana lg elok kalau untuk dry skin?