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New IPC Shopping Centre #IPCSoMuchMore

Most weekends are for family outings and most of the time, we go to the same old place. Today, I decided to check out the IPC Shopping Centre since my friends has been raving about the new redevelopment. So yay, let's go and visit (and do some shopping :P)

I used to come to IPC Shopping Center many many years ago and it is great to see that IPC Shopping Center had been redeveloped. It looks nicer!

Also got "Selamat Datang"!

There's an outdoor space for you to lepak lepak. 

Maysaa seronok main jalan jalan kat sini. 

Dah penat berjalan jalan, nak cari nursing room. Thank god ada yang cantic dan spacious! Level G, sebelah Watsons. Ada satu lagi kat Level 2, sebelah Pet Safari.

So nice right? Comfortable chair to feed your baby, nice changing place, and also hot and cold water! So nice and comfortable. Very baby friendly.

There is also a Funland at Level 2 where the kids can play! But my personally favourite, or rather Maysaa’s favourite, is the kids entrance. A very family friendly shopping centre.

After all the window shopping, it's time to eat. However, the forever common problem is "WHERE TO EAT??!!!" 

Luckily, IPC Shopping Centre ada the latest mobile application solution untuk memudahkan masalah "Nak makan kat mana ni?" The IPC Shopping Centre mobile application is the first shopping centre app in the world that is developed in collaboration with Spotify to provide shoppers with suggestions on places to dine or drink at IPC. 

Nama fungsi ni ‘The Mood Menu’ - boleh match kan mood kita dengan makanan sebab human emotions boleh effect our sense of taste.

The Mood Menu ni analyze kita punya recent Spotify playback history to track our current mood.

So, I pun try guna the Apps!

Senang je nak download. Just download dekat:

Apple: tunes.apple.com/my/app/ipc-shopping-centre/
iOS: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ipcapp

Based on the IPC app, I'm in love :P It must be all the chilling songs I have been listening to. So, first on the list is Ben's Independent Grocer!

So yay, we're here already. Tak payah penat penat pilih tempat makan. Dalam ni pun ada kedai makan, bukan groceries je tau. Ada sandwich, coffee dan banyak kek, macam sedapppp… 

So, selain boleh pilihkan tempat makan, IPC mobile application pun ada banyak information lain about Store Guide, parking information, latest promotions, as well as members-only promotions for those who sign up for a profile within the app.

 There are also a diverse choice of dining option. Just look at the app:

Choose Food & Beverages.

Here are the choices!

We can now plan our shopping trip ahead of time and not waste time thinking what to eat when we get there. I will be back again. Nak try Boat Noodle next. Good job IPC Shopping Centre! 

Website: www.ipc.com.my
Facebook: www.instagram.com/ipcshoppingcentre/

That's all. Thanks for reading!