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Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer Review

A moisturizer and a highlighter combined? Yes please!

I straight away added this item into my bag before I checked out.

The packaging is so so so pretty, I can't resist. One of the reason why I looooove Tarte's products!

Product name: Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer
Size & price: RM135 for 50ml, RM50 for 15ml
Availability: Tarte's website (here). Not available at Sephora Malaysia

Tarte ships to Malaysia directly, you can read my experience here: From Tarte USA to Malaysia

What it claims:
Oil-free, vegan daily highlighting moisturizer that illuminates and hydrates skin.

How to use?
  • Apply a thin layer evenly onto the face and neck after cleansing. 
  • Wear on its own or under your makeup for a smooth, radiant glow. 
  • Dab it onto the top of cheekbones for a subtle, dewy highlight.

 My thoughts?
  • The packaging is so pretty and it comes with a tube, so you need to squeeze it. I love it because it's hygienic, compared to a jar/tub
  • It makes my skin brighter and more glowy and radiance, because of the shimmering sparkles in it. But it's not so obvious. In my opinion, if your skin is oily, better be careful sebab nampak lagi bersinar sinar gitu. I love how my skin looks like after using this.
  • Didn't irritated my sensitive skin
  • However, it doesn't really moisturize my dry skin enough, I feel like I need to use other moisturizer before applying this. The finishing looks dewy (because of the glitters) but feels matte. 
  • Can be used as a makeup primer. It really added the glow on your face after I put on my bb cream!

Would I recommend this?
Yes, if you have normal skin. For me, I need to use other moisturizer first. But I love it!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. The glow on the skin is subtle without looking oily and yet it provides a healthy sheen.

  2. really nice. the skin does look different!

  3. The first sight, i in love with the packaging! Will check it out about this product woww

  4. great review info...skin look different

  5. I have sensitive skin as in zits are always breaking out! I do plan to give Tarte a try. Hope all will be well with me!

  6. Will check out this product, I love the packaging, always fall for the marketing.

  7. I love the packaging too... it is so cheerful and bright... it looks pretty... but have not quite heard of it