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Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

I always have this bad dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. I've been searching for a good eye cream to reduce this bad dark circles. So, I bought Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream from Althea. 

Does it really works for my dark circles? 

Product Name: Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
Size: 30g
Price: RM89 (Hermo), RM69 (Althea)
Availability: Skinfood stores, Hermo Malaysia (Normally discount until RM55), Althea Malaysia (Normally discount until RM47)

What it claims?

An eye cream with arbutin that helps brighten skin around the eyes. Salmon roe extracts nourishes skin. 
Arbutin: A natural skin lightening/whitening agent that reduces the skin's melanin (pigmentation) production.  

How to use?
Use on toned skin. Apply an adequate amount around the eyes and then gently pat using fingertips for faster absorption

Glass-metal tub (glass tapi tak pecah kalau jatuh)

Slightly sweet/floral scent that smells nice. (It doesnt smells like Salmon okay! Even though the name is Salmon)

Colour/ consistency: 
Smooth and light consistency with pinkish-white hue

How I feel:
I've been using this eye cream on and off. I do notice a slight improvement under my eyes, it did reduce my dark circles, a bit. However, dah kalau dark circles tu, dark circles lah jugak. Kita sendiri je rasa macam dah reduce tapi kalau orang tengok, still nampak dark circles tu, still looks tired macam tak cukup tidur jugak. So macam tak function pun.

And, kalau nak reduce dark circles, kena minum banyak air cukup tidur. Sebab dark circles ni poor blood circulation. Kena urut urut mata. And sometimes it's genetic so it's impossible to remove dark circles. Even a good eye cream pun, can't do the job.

 -No breakout, no irritations
-Really moisturizes my skin
-Doesn't cause milia
-Absorbs fast
-Slight improvement on my dark circles
- Brightens my undereyes

-Quite greasy (jaga jaga if your skin is oily)
-Not hygienic sebab dalam jar and celup jari dalam tu

Yes, if you don't have oily under eyes. I love how it moisturizes and brightens my undereyes.

Rate: 4/5

Thanks for reading!

*Noy a sponsored review, just sharing the things that I tried