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Wet N Wild Rose In The Air Palette Review

This palette is one of my wishlist dah lama gila ever since I knew it's a dupe for ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

I 've been waiting for them to arrive in Malaysia, and setiap hari pergi check Sasa. And terus beli tanpa berfikir panjang! (Malas nak preorder dekat igshop). So here is my thoughts on em!

Essence Volume Stylist Mascaras Review

I don't remember whether I pernah buat review mascara ke tak. But anyways, this is the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara Review. There are two, which are the Curl & Hold Mascara and Lash Extension Mascara.

Sunburn vs suntan: Cara untuk hilangkan

First of all, bila orang tanya, "Macam mana nak hilangkan sunburn?", I selalu kena tanya balik sunburn yang kulit jadi merah merah, atau kulit jadi gelap. 

Homemade chicken broth for Maysaa.

Harini nak share how I buat chicken broth untuk Maysaa. I buat ni since Maysaa 8-9 bulan.

Redeemed my Sephora Beauty Pass Reward and birthday gift.

All my redeemed stuff from Sephora!