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Of girlfriends and Abby's Bachelorette Party

As a typical 20-something lady, it's common having friends that are getting engaged, getting married, expecting or having babies!

And since one of our friend, Abby, is getting married, we decided to throw a surprise party! Eh takde lah party sangat pun. We book a venue, buy some balloons, flowers, sash and a crown to celebrate the bride to be! The theme was supposed to be pink, but... Sorry lah I lupa ingatan and came with almost all black attire macam berkabung.

What we did:

Aliah prepared a list of questions for us to play, and Abby will tell whether what we answered was correct or not. Soalan first dah kantoi, "When is her birthday" hahaha dasar kawan tak guna betul.

What we ordered:

Zoo Keeper's Meal: Salmon, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage, Fried Chicken, Egg, Mushroom, Hash Brown and Salad.

And some waffles which Yaya ordered!

Macam biasa bila jumpa, kena tangkap gambar banyak banyak, and of course update pasal isu semasa diri sendiri, and gossips!

And yesterday, Alhamdulillah, Abby dah sah menjadi isteri orang dengan sekali lafaz.

As the bridemaids, we ordered the same outfit. Walaupun I busy kerja, gigihlah ukur diri sendiri and bagi ukuran. And although I menyampah pakai shawl, takpe demi Abby, I pakai juga.

One selfie with the bride right before Akad Nikah. Happy Married Life Abby & Zurin!

Important tip untuk yang bakal kahwin: Please make sure your future husband still let you go out and socialize with your girl friends, okay? Unless, if you don't want to socialize lah after getting married :P

That's why my mum always remind me, dah kahwin nanti jangan lupa kawan. Always have your own circle of friends who you know you can always count on :)

[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask


At first I was very sceptical about Korean brand. Diorang memang dah cantik, buat apa pakai produk cantik cantik. But after reading some few reviews, and about Innisfree, I reaaaally wanted to try their products! 

So I bought Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. I like their packaging! 

Product info: A mask with Micro Clay Mousse containing Super Volcanic Clusters that is effective at absorbing excessive sebum and fine dust stuck between small pores and wrinkles. (Based on their website) 

Basically untuk bersihkan pores dari sebarang kotoran and ketatkan pores. Supaya kulit muka lagi bersih, cantik flawless!

 One of the reason why I bought this one instead of the normal jar yang famous tu is because it has a pump so it's more hygienic, no need to scoop it from the jar. You just press the pump je.

The texture is sooo creamy and best letak dekat muka. Just make sure you don't press it too much, membazir namanya.

My review:

My skin is a bit dry, so when I use this mask, it will reaaaaally tighten my skin and pedih sangat, so I stopped using it. Definitely a no no for me, very drying! 

But that's okay. Nasib baik ada orang lain yang boleh guna.

For example, this guy.

These guys pun boleh jugak. (Kesian adik adik kena tadah je muka)

At last, bagi diorang je pakai. I tried to religiously force my husband to use this mask, at least once a week but of course kena pakai kan.

How to use it?

Sapu dekat muka, avoid kawasan mata and bibir. Rinse it with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

  • Remove impurities, blackheads etc etc. Dia tarik semua kotoran lagi lagi dekat area hidung.
  • Brighten up the skin. Kalau pakai ni malam, esok pagi nya mesti nampak lagi cerah and bersih sikit muka daripada biasa.
  • Not messy, easy to apply!
  • Your face will feel clean and smooth
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Tighten the pores
  • Not suitable for dry skin (or just me)
  • Dehydrating! Need to use moisturizer lepas guna this mask. Unless you have a very oily skin.

Price: RM70
Weight: 100 ml

Where to get: Innisfree stores, available in Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Paradigm Mall, and KLCC!

Too bad, I can't enjoy this product but at least orang lain boleh guna! This product has so many great reviews. I'd highly recommend you this product if it suits your skin. Hope you can benefit this post.

*Bought with my own money. Not a sponsored post.

[Review & Comparison] Garnier, Maybelline & Sephora Micellar Water

Basically, micellar water is a makeup remover that removes your makeup and cleanse your face. Just tuang je atas cotton pad and wipe your face with it. For eyes, you can soak your eyes for about 15 seconds before wiping your eye makeup away. It is gentle, so you don't even have to rinse your face. Kalau malas, sebelum tidur, boleh cuci je makeup pakai micellar water and cotton pad lepastu terus tidur. Tak payah nak cuci muka dah. (But I'll always wash my face lepas tu, sebab nak lagi yakin)

Sephora Triple Action Cleanser Water, Maybelline Micellar Water and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water

Product info: Capture impurities and remove makeup from face and eyes. Contains soothing calendula extract for absolute comfort. Ultra light, leaves the skin soft and refreshed.

Price: RM49 for 200ml. (RM0.25/1ml)

Where to find: Any Sephora Outlet.

Maybelline Micellar Water. Clean Express Miracle Water.

Product info: Removes light makeup, trapped dust and dirt. Hydrates. Freshens like a toner. No need to rinse. No alcohol, fragrance and oil.

Price: RM19.90 for 120ml (RM0.17/ml)

Where to find: Any Watson, Guardian, Maybelline counter.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

Product info: Purifies and remove makeup in 1 gesture. Captures and lifts away residue from fac, eyes and lips like a magnet. Non-sticky, non-oily and without perfume, suitable for all skin including sensitive skin.

Price: RM9.90 for 125ml (RM0.08/ml)

Where to find: Any Watsons or Guardian outlet.


Before applying the micellar waters.

After applying Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water. (Focus on the left) Can easily remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and blusher.

After applying Maybelline Micellar Water (Focus in the middle) Can easily remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and blusher. Hardly removes the Colourpop liquid lipstick. Tapi Colourpop memang susah nak remove pun.

After applying Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. (Focus on the right) Can easily remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and blusher and slightly lipsticks.


Sephora's Triple Action Cleansing Water is not really suitable to remove lipsticks, sebab dia rasa pahit bila kena dekat bibir. Totally not loving it. And it contains fragrance, which kind of irritates my skin a bit. Guna sekali sekala bila desperate, okay kot.

For Maybelline's, it kind of making my skin a bit tight and dry after using it. It is also a bit sticky so lagi selesa cuci muka lepas pakai, although dia kata no need to rinse. But maybe just because of my dry skin.

I'd prefer Garnier Micellar Water because it is very affordable, and the cheapest among three. RM0.08/ml je! It removes my makeup enough, sebab normally memang tak pakai heavy makeup pun, so this one is enough for me. It doesn't dries my skin at all.

Cons, all these micellar water can't remove waterproof mascara. Kena pakai normal makeup remover or I'd normally use coconut oil.

Garnier Micellar Water is highly recommended kalau nak affordable and effective makeup remover! Totally worth the hype!  It's small, so I can just campak campak dalam bag. And I love it because it's pink! (Takde kaitan)

I hope you found this post helpful.


*Bought all these products with my own money. Not a sponsored post.

First trimester

Lepas dah confirm pregnant (6weeks++), the first thing Marwan beli, Vitamin C and lotions to prevent stretch marks. Amboi. Lepastu beli buku pregnancy sikit.

Sampai tiga botol beli. Buat stok.

Beli dekat BookXcess, Fahrenheit88 yang sebelah Pavi tu. Semua buku murah murah!

Since early pregnancy tu bulan Ramadhan, takde lah rasa mabuk sangat. Nak dekat dekat raya baru rasa tak lalu makan tapi other than that, okay je. Masa Aidilfitri, I was about 7 weeks pregnant.

Second Aidilfitri as husband and wife, and 7 weeks pregnant :)

Lepas je raya, masa 8 weeks pregnant, mula dah drama muntah tu. Pagi petang siang malam tak kira masa, kalau rasa nak muntah, memang muntah je. Pagi muntah, sebelum masuk office muntah jap dalam kereta, dekat office muntah, balik rumah muntah. Memang forever ada bekalan plastik dalam bag and dalam kereta.

Mengandung starter pack. Duduk kat office, makan asam nak hilangkan mabuk, sapu minyak cap kapak sebab mabuk and pakai vicks dekat hidung sebab nak hilangkan semua bau pelik pelik (perfumes etc)

Siap combo dengan tak lalu makan. Semua ayam, daging, seafood memang tak boleh tengok. Semua bau makanan yang suka makan sebelum ni, Boat Noodle ke McD ke KFC ke sushi ke pizza ke, semua tak boleh bau. Semua muntah. Yang boleh makan, nasi dengan sup je. Tambah sayur sikit bagi tak hambar. Dah lah masa tu raya, open house sana sini. Sebelum sampai je rumah sesiapa, muntah siap siap dalam kereta, lepastu tak makan langsung. Minum air je. It was bad sebab semua benda tak boleh makan!

Because of that, berat turun dari 53kg sebelum pregnant, jadi almost 45kg. Nak dekat 8kg jugak lah turun sebab tak boleh nak makan apa apa.

Ada satu hari tu, tiba tiba teringin nak makan tomyam. Marwan bawak pergi makan tomyam and makan habis nasi sepinggan. Balik dari kedai, rasa mabuk nak muntah. Marwan dah macam, "Sabar Sayang sabar! Jangan muntah. Sayang lah makanan tu!" Cewah dia ingat muntah boleh tahan tahan. Memang sayu je lah mengenangkan semua nasi tu keluar balik, padahal sebelum tu dah kemain kenyang dah makan.

Nasib baik lah semua muntah muntah dalam plastik tu, semua Marwan dengan rela hati buangkan dalam tong sampah, walaupun tutup hidung. Kalau tak sempat ambil plastik, dia lah tolong bersihkan semua, tepuk tepuk belakang kasi lega sikit.

Selain dari tu, tak boleh bau sabun Dettol yang selama ni memang selalu pakai. Asal bau je, muntah. Lepastu memang tak pakai terus sebab memang totally muntah. Bau sabun pelik pelik, bau toilet yang ada spray perfume tu, bau perfume yang Marwan pakai, semua muntah. Tahpape perangai.

During first trimester ni, makan ubat folic acid je. Tu pun kadang kadang lupa. Susu apa pun tak minum sebab tak lalu. Berdoa je lah dalam hati asalkan baby sihat dan membesar dengan jayanya. Nasib baik doctor kata takpe, pregnancy is a natural process. Terlupa tu biasa lah, hehe. Berjalan pun tak larat. Kalau tak kerja, sepanjang weekend tu baring je. Malam pun tidur awal. Kiranya life kerja je ada, lepastu ada masa terluang, memang akan tidur.

Nak shopping pun tak larat, sampai naik wheelchair sebab penat. (Tapi shopping Sephora tu sempat lagi tau zzz)

Alhamdulillah, bila masuk second trimester, muntah pun dah berkurang. Sebelum ni muntah sehari 3-4 kali tu biasa. Masuk second trimester, dah kurang sikit. Selang sehari je macam tu.

Summary of my first trimester: MUNTAH.

How we found out we're pregnant!

Since kitorang kahwin masa tengah belajar, and dua dua belum ready nak ada orang ketiga dalam perhubungan (tak puas bercinta kononnya), so having a baby is a no-no to us, yet. At least habiskan belajar dulu, baru fikir.

Bila tengok orang yang lagi lambat kahwin pun dah pregnant, rasa macam hmm nak try. Tapi takut try kang, lekat pulak. Belajar pun tak habis lagi. So relax dulu. Orang tanya bila nak pregnant pun, kitorang relax je. (Sebab memang tengah planning, so kalau pregnant tu maksudnya accident lah tu hahaha)(Nasib baik tak accident)

Walaupun orang kata, first baby jangan plan. Nanti kang bila nak, tak dapat. Tapi takpe. Belum cuba belum tahu, cewah. Padahal sesenyap dah google, cemane kalau nanti nak baby tapi tak dapat, siap google cost IVF lagi, drama betul. Kemain risau. (Nak baby tapi tak ready, tapi nak, tapi takut. #DilemmaWanita)

Marwan pun malas layan drama wanita. Dia kata relax lah, nanti kalau kita try pastu lekat, alhamdulillah. Kalau takde pun, "I can still live with you and only you, baby." (Takdelah dia cakap gitu sangat pun)

Setiap bulan mesti drama, kita nak try ke tak? Marwan macam, "Tak payah lah, kesian nanti awak nak study lagi, nak pregnant lagi, nanti penat, tak larat, mabuk". Sampai lah bulan terakhir study baru dia setuju, sebab dah nak habis belajar kan. Yay!


Seminggu sebelum period due, asyik penat, tak larat. Time tu Ramadhan. Tapi fikir, puasa kot. Tapi takkan la penat sangat, time masak pun boleh nak pitam. Masa hari presentation FYP dah rasa lain macam, rasa penat, tak larat berdiri, rasa nak duduk je. Marwan dah happy, "Sayang pregnant ni. I can feel it. Instinct daddy tu dah ada" Perasan la hang sensorang. Lepas presentation FYP tu, tiga hari lepas tu dah masuk kerja. (Gelojoh betul habis FYP je terus nak kerja) So tak fikir sangat, nervous nak start kerja.

Nak beli pregnancy test pun takut result negative, tapi dah rasa lain macam, ke sebab puasa. So sabar dulu, kerja dulu seminggu. Hari Jumaat habis kerja, lepas terawih, terus eksaited dua orang pi beli pregnancy test. Tunduk tunduk dalam Guardian nak pilih beli yang mana. Tapi kena bersabar, test pagi esok masa sahur.

Pagi pagi bangun sahur kemain awal sebab tak sabar, terus check UPT. Result:

Obviously pregnant. Line kemain terang. Okay.




So kejut Marwan, tunjuk UPT tu. Marwan bangun tidur masih mengantuk, respond dia, "Ala dah tahu dah. Kan kite cakap yang awak memang pregnant dari haritu lagi". Cis, tak eksaited langsung. Tapi ni bukti depan mata ni!

Lepastu terus pi dapur, Ummi tengah nak prepare sahur. Tunjuk dekat Ummi UPT.

"Eh pregnant? Ni expected pregnancy or accident?" (Sebab of course Ummi tahu la kitorang planning taknak baby lagi)

"Dah expect dah pregnant, pasal haritu gatai saja nak try"

Dan kitorang pun sambung sahur. Time ni baru 5 weeks pregnant, based on the last first day period.


Sebab busy dengan kehidupan, nak adjust from study life to working life, lambat sikit pi confirm dengan doctor. Lepas seminggu lebih baru jumpa doctor, nak confirm betul betul pregnant dengan selamat ke tak.

Tapi sebab baru sangat, nak scan pakai ultrasound biasa, ada possibility tak nampak kantung baby. So doctor suggest scan dari bawah. Okayyy......

Rupanya scan dari bawah tu maksudnya dia masukkan benda scan tu ke dalam supaya nampak baby. Telan air liur gak la time scan tu.

Masa ni baru 6 weeks ++. Kecik lagi tapi nampak lah heart beat berdenyut macam kelip kelip pun ada jugak. Expected due date: 17 February 2017. Yay! Time ni I still can't believe that I'm pregnant. 

Masa ni, morning sickness apa semua takde lagi, macam normal je cuma cepat penat. Tu pelik dalam drama kenapa dia muntah muntah dulu, check dekat klinik baru tahu pregnant. Ingatkan nak jugak feeling drama macam tu. Ni tak drama pun!!! Hahaha

So thats the story on how we found out that we're pregnant.