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Recent empties (Nov 2019)

Recent empties (Nov 2019)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Mainly sebenarnya sebab I stopped trying a lot of skincare and focus pakai benda yang sama je, and secondly, mood tak sampai haha. So anyways, here are some products yang I dah guna sampai habis so I'll do a short review of each of em.

1. Nacific Real Floral Toner (RM59 for 180ml)
This is a good hydrating toner and I never tried anything from Nacific so I rasa nak try. It's good with no alcohol, no fragrance. However, there's a few plant extract and may cause skin sensitivity depends on how your skin react. I love the calming and hydrating effect but I don't think I would repurchase this since there's a lot of other better hydrating toner out there. Tapi kalau rasa nak try, okay je. It's a good product, sebab tu I habiskan. Kalau tak best, tak kuasa la nak guna haha.

2. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factor + HA
This is my second tube already. I love the ingredients and how it makes my skin feels well moisturized. However, the only thing I don't like about this product is the texture. Kalau apply banyak banyak, dia jadi lambat absorb. So leceh la nak apply sikit sikit bagi absorbs nicely. Since I have dry skin, I suka pakai moisturizer banyak banyak, bukan setakat satu dua calit. Would repurchase kalau I desperate takde moisturizer lain.

3. 9wishes Hydra Skin Ampoule Serum (RM68 for 25ml)
I got this during an event lepastu I tengok word "Hydra" terus I rasa nak guna. It claims for dry and crispy skin. I don't know why I guna cepat sangat, maybe sebab the texture is so nice and it really hydrates my skin. I tak sure product mana I guna tapi maybe the combination of hydrator + moisturizer buat kulit I less kering and tak rasa ketat. Best lah, rasa nak beli lagi tapi maybe range lain sebab dia ada banyak range jugak.

4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Ni kenapa eh I masukkan? Product ni memang level wajib ada dekat rumah. Siap ada backup lagi. Level wajib pakai everyday.

5. Nutox Cleansing Oil (RM42 for 200ml)
I rasa macam I have tried a lot of cleansing oil yang ada dekat drugstore. This is the latest yang I try. It uses Sweet Almond Oil. So kalau kulit korang tak boleh dengan mineral oil, you can try this one. It has no fragrance. It's a basic cleansing oil, nothing special, does it jobs in removing my makeup, the oil is quite light actually, I sometimes rasa macam betul ke dia boleh remove all my waterproof makeup but it does. So okay lah. A good basic cleansing oil if you want to try but I will not repurchase.

6. Kayman Beauty Skintella Repairing Serum
Yang ni sebenarnya dah ada full review kat blog, tapi takpelah I masukkan jugak haha.


That's all. Thanks for reading!