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Kayman Beauty Skintella Repairing Serum Review

Kayman Beauty Skintella Repairing Serum Review

I did a poll on twitter, tanya nak review yang mana satu dulu? 73% voted for Kayman Beauty Skintella Repairing Serum so here is my review.

What it claims?
Based on Kayman's website: "Skintella Repairing Serum was carefully crafted to cater especially to those with highly reactive and sensitive skin. The serum can help diminish redness, calm irritation and improve overall skin health. Not only can this serum support wound healing, it also optimises skin recovery and salvation. The Skintella Repairing Serum is formulated in a lightweight gel form to avoid greasiness and unpleasant sensations, making it suitable for all skin types."

Why I wanted to try this serum?
I've been a fan of Kayman Beauty's product since diorang tak ada claim merepek and ingredients nampak okay. I trust this local brand!

I also tried their Coalface Cleanser and Rosa Glow Treatment essence.

Aqua, Glycerin, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Bifida ferment lysate, Citrus reticulate (tangerine) peel extract, Imperata cylindrical root extract, Arbutin, Vitis Vinifera/Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Lecithic, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glutathione, Tocopherol, Acrylates/C10-30 alkylate acrylate crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Triethylene glycol

Packaging and design
It comes in a 30ml matte black glass square bottle with a pump and black plastic cap. The packaging is sturdy, rasa kukuh, and I prefer this kind of packaging sebab rasa mahal. And I suka sebab it's a pump, bukan serum biasa yang ada dropper sebab banyak sangat local serum yang guna dropper lepas tu guna selet selet dekat muka. No sayang, that it not how you use a dropper. Tak hygienic tau selet selet dropper tu dekat muka. So eloklah buat dalam pump, at least bersih sikit, tak ada lah orang tersalah guna. Pump je atas tangan, lepastu apply dekat kulit.

However, the bottle is quite heavy. jatuh atas kaki, sakitttt! Dia bukan macam botol bulat biasa. Dia ada hujung yang tajam. Jatuh atas kaki tu hmmm nangis. Tapi korang baik baik lah, jangan bagi jatuh. Hari tu banyak kali jugak I terjatuhkan, nasib baik tak pecah berderai. So memang sturdy lah.

Another thing, since the bottle is opaque, I tak nampak banyak mana lagi product ni tinggal. Haritu I ingat dah habis, gigih picit tapi tak keluar keluar. So I kena buka pump tu, ketuk ketuk sikit and baru boleh guna semula. Ada lagi rupanya. Ingatkan dah habis dah haha.

The texture is what I like the most. It has a very thick serum texture, almost like a gel moisturizer. I love how it feels on my skin, rasa very soothing. Since I have dry skin, the texture feels very nice on my skin and absorbs nicely with no tacky or sticky feeling. Tak rasa melekit langsung. Suka!

Thank you Kayman sebab buat product yang tak ada fragrance langsung. Sometimes certain product tak ada fragrance / parfum tapi dia letak natural fragrance which is essential oils. Although my skin okay je with most essential oils, there are some skin yang tak boleh. And ada certain essential oils yang buat kulit I pedih (contohnya peppermint oil) tapi this product memang tak ada bau langsung and no essential oils. If I were to describe the scent, it smells macam bau gam. Gam yang melekit tu, ha sebijik. Since I dah biasa guna skincare yang tak ada fragrance, I memang prefer tak ada fragrance langsung kalau boleh. Tak penting pun product yang bau wangi. Nak wangi wangi, spray lah body mist kat badan k settle. But this is just my personal preference lah.

My thoughts
I've been using this serum for around 8 weeks+. I tried to use it everyday but ada juga I terlupa nak apply or tiba tiba dia hilang entah letak kat mana. I personally think you need to use it at least 6 weeks to any noticeable improvement. 

This serum claims that it is crafted for sensitive skin which I agree! The ingredients tak ada alcohol, tak ada fragrance, tak ada essential oils. However, this product is not fungal acne safe. Tapi tak payah lah korang memandai mandai assume korang ada fungal acne just because korang google / tengok dekat youtube pastu rasa "Eh sama lah, I rasa I ada fungal acne jugak lah". No. Please consult your doctor first. Jangan pandai pandai self diagnose korang ada fungal acne sebab korang ada tiny bumps yang tak hilang hilang. 

It also claims to diminish redness and calm irritation. I also agree on this one. My skin memang always ada redness, sebab kulit kering lepastu area tepi hidung dengan bawah dagu memang prone to redness. With this serum, I can see the redness has been reduced and kalau ada acne pun, bila dia dah surut and jadi kesan merah je, the redness hilang dengan cepat.

I can't comment in terms of acne or breakout sebab my skin concern cuma nak kurangkan dryness, maintaining my skin barrier, reduce my redness, and of course lah nak overall glow.

Overall, this is a good soothing serum. If you have sensitive skin, pedih pedih, nampak merah atau sunburn, you can absolutely try this. The main ingredient of this serum is Centella Asiatica, that's why nama dia Skintella kan.

This retails for RM69 and you can get this from Kayman Beauty's website: https://kaymanbeauty.com/product/skintella-repairing-serum/

Recommended for?
Any skin type will absolutely love this serum. But if you have very very oily skin, you might wanna apply this only a thin layer sebab takut it's a bit thick for your skin. Anyone yang nak cari skincare to soothe your skin, this is definitely the product you should try next!

Who will not love this?
 If your skin is sensitive with any of the ingredient.

(Disclaimer: This product was given for me to try with no obligation to review or any payment involved. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own. It is not influenced by anyone else. Every skin is different. Results from using this product may vary depending on your own skin. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience.)