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The Face Shop Multi Swing Cushion Review

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on The Face Shop Multi Swing Cushion. Yes, I know. It looks so cute with that pink packaging :)

What it is? A multi swing cushion. Anti darkening, blush and concealer balm. Get the finish you want at the flick of a wrist with this 3-in-1 cushion. 

1. The anti-darkening cushion keeps makeup looking as fresh as when you first applied it. 
2. The concealer balm with ultra-covering powder sits close and lightly on skin, for a flawless complexion
3. The high-impact blush with even pigment distribution creates a vibrant complexion

So it is a combination of a cushion, concealer and a blusher? Yes please!

Packaging: It is like a normal compact form with a black case and glittering pink cover. It also has a white tray that function as airlock and a puff holder.

Sorry for the look cause I've been testing the product :P

The puff has two parts, the bottom half of the puff is the air puff for a more even application. The upper half of the puff is a velvet puff to make it easier to apply the blusher.

I also use the tapered tip for an easier application under-eyes and the corner of nose. The puff is smooth and doesn't soak much product.

Place your finger (I use my thumb) on the hallow at the bottom of the compact and gentle swing the palette with the blush and concealer balm open. So easy ey?

How to use?
1. Use after completing your skincare routine. Apply anti-darkening cushion on the entire face.
2. Apply concealer balm on areas that need more coverage. For me, it's my under-eyes area.
3. Apply blush on both cheeks to enhance your skin tone.

Shades and swatches: Mine is N203 Natural Beige.

My thoughts?
It has a semi matte finish with a medium coverage. Since I have dry skin, the first time I use it without prepping and setting my skin properly, it emphasis my fine lines and clings on my dry patches. After that, I make sure to moisturize your skin properly, and use a hydrating primer. I need to damp the sponge to blend it. You can use any face mist if you like. Finally,  I set my face with a dewy setting spray.

With vs without the cushion.

As you can see, the coverage of the cushion is decent and it's buildable. It is able to hide my imperfection, redness and uneven skintone.

And since I have a really bad dark-circles, the concealer really helps to conceal my dark circles. The texture of the concealer is creamy so I need to blend it properly and use a hydrating eye cream to prevent patchiness.

I like that it is good in this Malaysia hot and humid climate, and it has SPF50 PA+++ so I can use this for extra sun protecting apart from using my regular sunscreen. There is also no white cast and didn't oxidised.

I like this in my purse and will bring this everywhere to touch up my makeup since it's very nice to have a cushion, concealer and blusher all together.

For more information about THE FACE SHOP, you can visit their:
Website: www.thefaceshop.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/thefaceshopmalaysia 
Instagram: @thefaceshopmalaysia