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5 Korean Beauty Brands To Start With (Malaysia)

Why Korean skincare?
I love using Korean skincare because it focuses on hydration and healthy glow. Kalau sekarang, orang panggil glass skin atau chok chok skin (which means bouncy soft skin lah gitu).

In addition to that, korean skincare normally focus on the ingredients, and ada macam macam fancy products with beautiful skincare. Faham tak, packaging cantik, ingredients best, siapa je tak suka? Also, the sheet masks!

The 10 step korean skincare routine also pernah jadi trend dulu: http://www.imanabdulrahim.com/2017/09/10-step-korean-skincare.html

So today I am going to share my fav 5 korean beauty brands kalau you guys tak tahu nak start daripada mana, brand apa yang best ke. Boleh try tengok brands yang I list kan ni.

Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliate to any of the brands.

1) Innisfree

5 Innisfree promises:
1. “reliable ingredients.”
2. “smart consumption” by providing various good-quality products at reasonable prices.
3. Eco-friendly green design containing all the rich benefits of nature.
4.  “eco-friendly green life”
5. “experiences that satisfy all your senses”

Innisfree products that I've tried

Innisfree Malaysia Stores:

Ada dekat Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall, Pavillion KL, Suria KLCC, Sunway Velocity Mall, AEON Tebrau, KL Sogo, Mid Valley Megamall and IOI City Mall

2) Cosrx

COSmetics+RX = Cosrx. I suka Cosrx sebab ingredient best, simple product and it works. Ada banyak product depends on your skin concerns ternasuklah chemical exfoliate (AHA/BHA), Good for beginners.

My first time trying Cosrx brand is here: http://www.imanabdulrahim.com/2017/04/online-shopping-review-hermo-malaysia.html. I bought from Hermo during a sale.

Cosrx products that I've tried: 

Where to get Cosrx?
Hermo, Althea, Shopee. Dekat selected Watsons pun ada juga. And latest I jumpa Cosrx dekat Playupadvance Fahrenheit88 sebelah Pavillion KL Bukit Bintang.

3) Klairs

Klairs pun one of the simple basic skincare without any harsh chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin. Tapi dia banyak guna essential oils which certain skin tak sesuai. For me, kulit I okay je with essential oils so takde masalah. Klairs ni one of the brand yang I rasa nak try SEMUA product dia sebab best.

Klairs Malaysia offline retailers:

What I've tried from Klairs:
1) Klairs Samples which contains 8 products! My fav is Supple Preparation Lotion

You can also get Klairs form Watsons Malaysia or website www.nattacosme.com, Hermo, Althea or Shopee.

4) Laneige

Tengok la kemain glowing. Mana lah I tak terpengaruh haha.

Laneige stores Malaysia
Based on the website, currently Laneige ada 38 stores. https://www.laneige.com/my/en/laneige-story/store-and-location/find-a-store.html

I normally bought Laneige from Sephora Malaysia. Boleh juga beli online from Hermo or Althea. Shopee and Lazada pun ada tapi beware dengan fake items sebab sekarang ni banyak yang fake.

What I've tried from Laneige:
1) LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK REVIEW My fav sleeping mask. I use this day and night.

5) The Face Shop

I haven't tried a lot from The Face Shop, but I've tried the D. Belmeur range and I like it!
Review here: THE FACE SHOP DR. BELMEUR DAILY REPAIR MOISTURIZER AND ATO SALT CREAM REVIEW. The eyebrow pencil is also one of my fav and I've repurchased it quite a few times already.

Based on the website, they have 47 stores in Malaysia: http://malaysia.thefaceshop.com.my/store_locator.php?page=1

That's all. Thanks for reading!