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St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub Review

St Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub Review.

This is the old packaging yang tak ada kat Malaysia. Sekarang dah ada kat Malaysia with new packaging, and now I baru teringat nak buat review haha padahal dah lama dah ada.

You can get this at any drugstore, Watsons, Guardian etc for around RM20+-

It has a moderate exfoliation factor. I used to use this only once a week je since I have dry skin so it's best to exfoliate your skin only once a week sebab taknak over exfoliate.


Ni based on cosdna. Methylisothiazolinone tu might be sensitizing for some people and should be okay kalau product yang kita bilas. Since ni scrub yang lepas tu bilas, should be okay, depends on your skin.

Packaging and design

It comes in a 170g squeezable plastic tube with a flap cap. Senang nak guna, senang nak letak dekat tepi sink.

Texture and finishing

The texture is like a normal scrub, not so harsh. Cuba bila lama tak guna, dia jadi keras and berketul so susah nak guna. Leceh sikit.

Citrus scent

My experience

This is an okay scrub for early teenagers, yang nak cari a simple scrub untuk buang sel kulit mati, just guna 2-3 kali for oily skin / once a week for dry skin lepas cleanser.

So turutan dia (kalau pakai malam):
Cleanser - scrub - toner - moisturizer

But please avoid using scrub kalau ada acne since takut acne makin jadi lagi teruk and luka.

It's a good scrub setakat nak buang sel kulit mati, nak kulit lagi soft and glowing. Kalau nak harapkan parut hilang, makin putih etc, maybe this scrub is not enough. I no longer using this scrub untuk muka since I'm using chemical exfoliate (which is gentler) so sekarang guna this scrub untuk badan je.

Recommended for?
Beginners yang baru nak try scrub

Who will not love this?
Yang mengharapkan keajaiban akan berlaku haha cause this is just a basic scrub

That's all, thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought this with my own money. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)