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[Review] Colourpop Lipsticks comparison!

Today, I'd like to review Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Satin Lip & the Lippie Stix! 

Colourpop has 4 ranges of lip products, which are:
1. Ultra Matte Lip (47 shades)
2. Ultra Satin Lip (24 shades)
3. Lippie Stix which has 8 finishings (Crème (4), Matte X (16), Satin Luxe (1), Sheer (8), Satin (10), Glossy (3), Matte (30), Pearlized (1))
4. Lippie Pencil (24 shades)

*based on their website click here!

Shades that I have, from left:
1. Lippie Stix in Lumiere (matte finish) (dusty mauve pink)
2. Lippie Stix in Cami (matte x finish) (natural mauve pink)
3. Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park (warm peachy nude)
4. Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble (dusty warm terracota)
5. Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless (dusty mauve pink)

The swatches, form left: Lumiere, Cami, Echo Park, Bumble, Clueless

My Review

Ultra Matte Lip
Price: $6 so kalau convert its around RM25 tapi kalau beli oreder instashop, banyak yang preorder, the price range is RM 35-45. Kalau ready stock, normally RM50-60.

Dries completely matte. Bila pakai, cepat je dia dries to matte. Tak melekit bila pakai, does not transfer, kiss proof and veryyy pigmented. Long lasting, tahan lama sangat bila pakai. However, it's very drying, memang kena pakai lipbalm dulu, make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying, hard to remove at the end of the day like ya rabbi sakit jiwa sikit bila nak remove tu, kena tonyoh betul betul! Bila reapply, dia jadi flaky.

Overall, not my favourite formula although ramai orang suka sebab dia nampak beriya bila pakai and susah sangat nak remove so cam takpelah, tak minat sangat. If you are a lipstick junkie, you would probably love this but I'd prefer more natural lipstick hehe

Rate: 3.5/5

Ultra Satin Lip
Price: Same as UML

Comparing with UML, its not drying and moisturizing because of the finish satin, however memang transfer, tak kiss proof. It's very pigmented, warna cantik bila apply, so smooth. The formula is better than UML but, because the satin finish, rasa melekit sikit.

Rate: 4/5

Lippie stix matte 
Price: $5 so kalau convert, around RM20++. Boleh order dekat instashop around RM30++

The only reason why I bought this Lumiere Lippie Stix is because Kathleen Lights created it. Full coverage, very pigmented, matte finish but its not drying so takde lah kering sangat, still rasa moist and creamy. Kalau tengok tengok swatches dekat internet, it's more like a muted mauve, tapi bila pakai, jadi macam more to pink. (Alasan kulit melayu LOL)

Rate: 4/5 (sebab warna dia lari)

Me, in Lumiere

Kathleen Lights in Lumiere. Slightly different shade than I expected.

Lippie Stix Matte X
Price: $5 however tak banyak instashop yang buat preorder sebab this formula is the newest formula

Creamy and glides easily, easy to apply and takdelah dia bercapuk kering dekat bibir walaupun dia matte. Full coverage and very pigmented. Lightweight and comfortable, rasa macam selesa je dekat bibir, tak rasa macam berat sangat bila pakai and its not drying. Takde lah long lasting macam UML, kalau minum ok lagi, kalau makan, the inner lips dah hilang sikit lipstick dia. Kalau tak makan minum, yes long lasting. Transfer proof and kiss proof. Kalau try kiss belakang tangan, takde kesan sangat lah maksudnya. Love the formula!

Rate: 4.5/5

Me in Cami

Kathleen Lights in Cami (tak banyak sangat beza warna dia)

That's all. Thanks!