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Review: DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

Why I bought this:
I've been searching for the perfect maternity pillow that can support my tummy while sleeping during my pregnancy, since it's best to sleep on your side during pregnant. I've been browsing Lazada but I don't like the majority of the designs. It's too big, it will take up half the bed!

See, the size is just nice!

Why I love this:
I bought this during my second trimester. At first I just wanted to sleep with it, but after trying to travel with this pillow, I'll never ever gonna travel without this thaangg!

I commute everyday to work and normally it's an one hour journey (plus minus). Less back pain, and more comfortable sleeping (read: snuggling) with this pillow. The most comfortable thing ever! Kalau macam ni, travel from Johor to Kelantan pun I sanggup with this pillow :p

However for sleeping, it's a bit uncomfortable (for me). The only thing I like about this pillow that it's not that bulky, tak rasa macam ada orang ketiga dalam katil tu jugak. It's like a love hate relationship. Sometimes I'll use it properly, sometimes just to 'sendal' my back, sometimes I'll throw it on the floor.

Buuuuut, when the baby arrives, this thing is very useful! I use it to breastfeed my baby and again, it's veryyy comfortable! I have no regrets on buying this pillow cause I use it everyday and it ease my pregnancy & breastfeeding day A LOT.

Sometimes, my baby also sleeps with this pillow and she seems to be more comfortable in this pillow.

The cover is also removable and washable so I can wash it easily if it's get dirty.

I'd really recommend this pillow for pregnant ladies who travel everyday and want some extra comfort. In terms of sleeping, ada ke tak, I tidur lena je so I don't really know whether it really helps to make you sleep better or not. For travelling, YES PLEASE. Bila balik kerja penat penat masuk kereta, terus rasa indahnya dunia ini bila peluk bantal.

What I don't love this:
It's white. It's actually not an issue because I love white, but the hassle of cleaning it and the price for it's extra cover is RM70! Other cover designs are not available in Malaysia. (Or I yang tak jumpa cari?)

And, the price itself is already priceyyy (I bought this for almost RM300).

Where to buy:
I bought this from Mothercare Pavillion. I think all Mothercare's outlet have this.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought this using my own money.