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Catrice Cosmetics Haul

So today I dragged my husband to Guardian sebab nak beli Catrice. The main reason mestilah sebab Catrice is much more affordable, and lagipun bila ajak pergi Sephora, my husband was like, "NO!" (Eh tak, sebab utama dia, terpengaruh dengan twtmakeup je sebenarnya...)

Guardian ada 10% discount untuk produk Catrice so terus cam bersinar mata dekat situ. I only spent RM70 lepastu dapat voucher and I spend another RM5. Yay! Sama cam harga satu lipstick MAC ok.

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette (NP: RM26.90)
Tapi harga beli RM24.21 sebab 10% discount. With its price, totally love it. Sebab takde lagi warna pink mauve kind of eyeshadow. I only have the brown, nudes colours so this one is totally needed! It is quite pigmented, and I will absolutely repurchase! Tapi honestly I dont like the brush..

Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder (NP: RM21.90)
I bought this one in darker skin for only RM19.71. Ada satu lagi in medium skin but I choose this one so I can use this for contouring. Well the main reason for contouring is to enhance your features and the function of bronzer is to make your skin more sun-kissed look. And most of the beauty-gurus totally said that bronzer is a no no for contouring because it will make your skin more orange-ish? So Im still figuring it out.

Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil (NP: RM11.90)
In 030 Berryson Ford. Bought it for only RM10.71. I love the colour but it doesnt suit for my daily use. Im the natural-lipstick kind of girl *insert nail polish emoji*

Catrice Eyeliner Waterproof Pen (NP: 17.90)
Totally love this eyeliner! Easy to apply and control. Untuk harga RM16.11, memang worth it.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour
This one beli sebab I got the RM5 voucher if you spend more than RM10 so terus ambil this mono eyeshadow in 560 I Like To Mauve It. Harga dia RM11.13 so bayar RM6.11 for this eyeshadow. Sebenarnya konfius nak 570 Plum Up The Jam or this on but rasa macam warna 570 dah ada dalam Absolute Rose so I took this one.

Catrice Allround Concealer (NP: RM18.90)
This is like one of the most famous drugstore concealer. (Hashtag mudah terpengaruh) This one dah beli lama dah, thats why rupa dia camtu. The green one is suppose to cover any red spots and the salmon one, I used to cover the dark circles and it kinda works. Almost. 

As a student with no income, Catrice is probably one of my fav drugstore brand because of its wide variety. Tu pun my husband dah bising, esok pagi kena teman dia pergi jogging sebab dah beli makeup bebanyak hmmmm #PrayForIman