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Iman Abdul Rahim // 1992 // KL, Malaysia 
Happily married to Ahmad Marwan since 21st February 2015
Mummy to Imaan Maysaa
Graduated from IIUM Gombak,
Bachelor of Electronics & Computer Information Engineering (2016)

I blog about beauty, makeups, pregnancy, baby stuffs and life, basically.

For any sponsorships, reviews, event invitations, advertorials or collaborations, you can email me
Email: iman.abdrahim@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi ,drop here to comment.

  2. Hi Iman, I was just wondering. Some of my friends recommended your blog and twitter for beauty tips. But what I can see here is that you are a graduate of an Engineering background. So my question is do u have any qualification in beauty line? Thank you.

    1. Hi, you can read about my disclaimer here: http://imanabdulrahim.blogspot.my/p/faq-beauty-related.html

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  4. hi kak iman, i ada nak tanya sikit memandangkan i tak dapat apa yang i nak dkt blog you or mmg i tak perasan. nak tanya kenapa eh i rasa macam hidung i macam agak sedikit kering. i jenis normal skin. tapi rasa macam kering dkt bahagian hidung then akan nampak i punya pimple. how to solve it kak? help me :(

  5. hi iman.. apa2 boleh tny kt cni atau boleh emel? sb bnyk jgk nak tny psl skincare :-) hope u don't mind sb i like reading your blog..banyak yg i xtau lepas baca blog u i baru tau..anyway my sister yg perkenalkan blog u.

  6. Hai kak iman, skrg i pakai local brand product. So kulit i mmg okay la. But now i know local brand mmg ok but kulit tak nampak cantik sihat la. So i want to use drugstore product. Mcm mana i nak pilih which one good fr me. Do u have any suggestion kak?