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Samples review - Innisfree Orchid

I am going to review the Innisfree Orchid line! 

Innisfree Orchid Skin, Essence, Lotion and Cream

New semester, what to do?

Semester baru, semangat baru lah kan? So let me share what you need to do!

"The beginning is always today"

Samples review - Innisfree Green Tea

Samples again! These samples sebenarnya dah lama dah dapat, you can actually request dekat Innisfree store, kalau diorang ada stock.

 Innisfree green tea seed serum and Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Samples review (Cosrx)

Few samples that I received masa beli Cosrx haritu at Hermo.

Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid, Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence, Advanced Snail All in One Cream and Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask.

Heimish All Clean Balm Review

The main reason why I bought this cleansing balm is because of the packaging....

Heimish All Clean Balm Review