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Kayman Beauty Skintella Cleansing Sherbet Review

Product Name: Skintella Cleansing Sherbet 
Product Brand: Kayman Beauty 
Product Type: First Cleanser 
Size: 40g 
Price: RM 59.00 

Hello! Today I nak review Kayman Skintella Cleansing Sherbet. I haven’t tried a lot of cleansing balm, there’s only two korean brands that I’ve tried which are Heimish All Clean Balm and Banila Co Clean It Zero. You can read the review here: Heimish All Clean Balm Review

 Kayman Skintella Cleansing Sherbet ni kira sebagai first cleanser, to remove makeup or sunscreen. Sama category dengan oil cleanser, micellar water, makeup remover. Function dia sama. If you are unfamiliar with oil cleanser, oil cleansing, double cleansing method, you can read it, here: Skincare 101:Double Cleansing Method. 


 Product description (based on the website): 
Melt away all traces of impurities for clean and soft skin with Skintella Cleansing Sherbet. This ice cream-like cleansing sherbet melts upon contact to thoroughly dissolve makeup and sunscreen as well as dust and grime while being gentle even for sensitive skin. With Centella Asiatica, Prickly pear and Vitamin C, skin will feel nourished and refreshed with no greasy residue. 

 Ingredient list:
 Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract, Vitis Vinifera Seed oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Olea Europe Husk Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Trietyhlene Glycol

 The packaging 
It comes in a 40g black plastic jar with a flap lid. I suka okay penutup macam ni sebab tak payah susah susah pulas, flip je macam compact powder. Nak bawa travel pun senang sebab dia small, tak makan banyak ruang and tak meleleh. It also comes with a black spatula so you just scoop it using the spatula, tak perlu celup jari. 

 The texture 
A creamy balm sherbet texture that melts nicely like oil into your skin when you rub it in. 

 The scent 
No noticeable scent. This product is free from any fragrance. 

 How to use this? 
1. Twist the cap counterclockwise 
2. Remove the tab and spatula covering the jar. 
3. Use the spatula to scoop out 1-2 scoops of Skintella Cleansing Sherbet.
 4. Apply product onto dry skin and massage gently over the whole face for about 30 seconds. Then slightly wet the skin to emulsify the product.

5. Continue massaging gently until the product appears milky white on the skin. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the product.   

Okay ni cara nak guna dia:

1. Apply product guna tangan yang KERING atas kulit muka yang KERING. Takmau basah basah tau. Make sure kering.

2. Urut kulit muka SLOWLY je biar makeup dan sunscreen tu cair

3. EMULSIFY it. Tambah air sikit sikit bagi dia jadi milky / keruh macam ni. Sambung urut. Kenapa step ni penting? Sebab nak bagi makeup lagi cair dah senang nak remove. Kalau bilas terus, nanti risau makeup tak habis bersih dan muka rasa berminyak.

4.Tambah air sikit sedikit demi sedikit dan bilas bagi bersih. Terus kulit jadi smooth dan tak beminyak. Lepastu boleh la continue dengan your normal cleanser.

 My thoughts 
The first impression, this product is quite smaller than I thought. It’s only 40g. Tapi yang best bila small macam ni, senang nak bawa travel. I love the packaging sebab dia flip cap so tak perlu nak pulas pulas atau hilang penutup. Siap dapat spatula free so it’s very hygienic! 

 Upon applying to my skin and massaging it, texture dia berubah jadi oil tapi tak rasa berminyak sangat. Compared to the normal oil cleanser, dia tak meleleh so tak messy which is a plus point kat situ. Lepas massaging it to melt my makeup and sunscreen, terus emulsify it. Tambah air sikit sikit supaya makeup senang nak remove and tak melekit lepas bilas. After that, boleh bilas terus and takde pun rasa berminyak after that. Lepastu boleh la continue guna cleanser biasa. 

 Yang penting, this product is suitable for sensitive skin sebab dia takde irritating ingredients and fragrance. I guna tak rasa pedihkan mata langsung and removes waterproof mascara nicely. Kulit pun rasa lagi bersih lepas guna this product. However I ada jugak dapat feedback yang this product buat mata diorang pedih. So apa apa pun depends on how your skin reacts :)

Where to buy?
You can get this here: Kayman Beauty Skintella Cleansing Sherbet for RM59. Enjoy free shipping for every purchase above RM100.