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The secret to my modern parenthood with KAO

The secret to my modern parenthood with KAO

Being a mom to two healthy girls, I will always try to make sure that our home and environment are comfortable and safe. Most importantly, when it comes to cleaning the house, I want to make the house chores fun, quick and easy.

Let me share you my little secret. For our living room, I absolutely love the Magiclean Wiper. It has 360 degree dust catching pattern and rotating head for more flexible cleaning. It can also reach the gaps as narrow as 3cm so I have no problem to clean especially under the sofa! It’s so convenience.

This is how the Wiper looks like:

It is really easy to assemble.

Just attach either the Magiclean Dry Sheet or Magiclean Wet Sheet. Normally I’ll use the dry sheet to capture dust and hair. It can be used both sides and easy to dispose. It’s non sticky so it can be used to clean electrical appliances, loghts, furnitures and wooden surfaces too!

I also use the Wiper with the Wet Sheet if there’s any stain on the floor. It contains anti-bacterial properties and it’s more hygienic than the traditional mop. Another thing that I looove about this sheet is that it has a fresh mint scent!

This is my solution when I can’t use the vacuum cleaners (it’s a bit noisy, right?) especially when my baby is sleeping and I don’t want to use the broom because I want to capture the dust and dirt.

Other KAO products that I like using is this Stain & Mold Remover.

I’ve been using this for years already to maintain my bathroom. Just spray it, leave for 30 minutes and it’s clean already. It’s a screb-free cleaning solution for people that need anything quick and easy, like me :P

There's also other great products for the bathroom and toilet.

For my cooking area, I’ve been using the Magiclean Kitchen cleaner to clean my kitchen, stove and fridge.

It’s really powerful to remove greasy stains in my kitchen.

When it comes to the laundry affairs, KAO has Attack which is the laundry detergent. It’s specially formulated with Japan R&D power wash hygiene technology to prevent bacterial growth from washing, drying, storing and wearing, while keeping sweat odour prevention all day long. 

This Attack Liquid Detergent + Softener is 2-in-1 cleans and soften and can remove tough stains and bacteria. It also has a long lasting floral fragrance and stay fresh all day long. This detergent is suitable for front and top loader washing machine. 

Another thing that I love is that it makes clothes easier to iron and suitable for indoor drying.

In addition to that, another product that you need to have is this KAO Bleach Colour Liquid. It brightens the colours, removes stain, deodorize and kill germs. 

This is such a lifesaver if I have food stains or blood stains. Some extra tips, soak the clothes with warm water and this detergent and wait for 30 minutes before rubbing it gentle and rinsing it.

Last but not least, have you tried Merries diapers?  It's so gentle on skin, with long lasting fry feeling - just like bare skin. 

It's so smooth and gentle, made of multiple fine waves to absorb more water. You can see the surface is ultra soft and fluffy.

It also has a leak guard to prevent leakage and excellent absorbency. The design is also cute and it has colour-changing wetness indicator. I love this!

You can purchase Merries product at Lazada's Merries Flagship Store here: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.1SByx

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to make managing your household a breeze?  You can download The Secret To My Modern Parenthood ebook here: https://www.kao.com/my/my-modern-parenthood/