Watsons Click & Collect Review

This is my first time trying Click & Collect. Selama ni malas nak try sebab buat apa la susah susah nak beli online, Watsons dekat je dengan rumah.

The Face Shop Multi Swing Cushion Review

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on The Face Shop Multi Swing Cushion. Yes, I know. It looks so cute with that pink packaging :)

Buat passport Maysaa

Nak share cara untuk buat passport baby, atau kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun.

Kora Organics Hydrating Moisturizer Review

My thoughs on Kora Organics Hydrating Moisturizer.

Skincare 101: How to choose a facial cleanser?

I already did a thread on twitter a few months ago about this topic. "How to choose a facial cleanser?"