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Yu Yee Oil | Must-haves baby item

Hi. Today, I am going to share about the famous Yu Yee oil! I bet everyone knows how great this oil already.

Maysaa & Yu Yee Oil

I still remember using this Yu Yee Oil on my niece Nuhaa, before Maysaa was born. It was like, two-three years ago I think? It's like a must haves for every newborn babies. However, I forgot to buy this when Maysaa was born. (Or I could not find it?) (Yes, maybe)

Like a typical baby, they  can't tell if they are bloated, or uncomfortable. They will just cry and be cranky all day (and night) long. Yes, I understand the frustration :( Thank god I have this Yu Yee Oil to save my life and keep me sane. Kalau rasa bloated atau kembung je, I try sapu minyak Yu Yee ni. Normally terus happy! This is the remedy. 

When I use it?
Normally, I apply this oil everytime right after Maysaa's bath. Sometime after the diaper change if I see Maysaa seems uncomfortable. It really keeps her more comfortable and happy.

How to use it?
Drip a few drops of Yu Yee Oil on the palm of my hand, rub it together sampai rasa panas suam suam. Then, apply on the tummy.

You can also apply them dekat belakang badan dan juga kaki.

(Reminder: Jangan tuang minyak yu yee directly dekat baby. Panas. And jangan letak banyak sangat)

Yay dah happy.

Plus points: It is safe to use for babies and I love the herbal-ish scent!

The ingredients:
Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Menthol, Borneol Cortex Cinnamoni, Resina Calamus Draco, Light Liquid Paraffin

(I also use this bila rasa kembung perut, seriously it works instantly) (Kalau sakit sakit badan pun boleh guna) (Wajib ada dalam bag) (Dah lah kecik je) (Senang nak sumbat)

Seriously a must-haves for babies. Ingat tau future mummies, lagi lagi yang first time.

Where to get it?
You can get it from any leading pharmacy nationwide

Thanks for reading and hope it helps!