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My pantang daily life in Esther Postpartum Care Center


7.00 am: Breastfeed

8.00 am: Breakfast is served! They'll send my breakfast sharp at 8am.

Then, normally I'll call the nursery and the nurse will come and take the baby to the nursery and bathe her. They'll also take her temperature, weight and jaundice reading. I always get excited when they say,

"Anak puan ni berat dah naik ni"

"Kuning dia dah turun sikit dari semalam ni puan"

#SoHappy #PowerOfBreastFeeding

The plastic canopy (or whatever they call) is for the baby's protection when they transit from our room to the nursery.

8.30 am: I'll take bathe. Of course there is hot shower. They'll also provide herbal bath so I can just pour the hot herbal bath into the basin and celup celup the towel.

My herbal bath.

Luckily Esther Postpartum Care's bathroom has this big sink counter so I can put all my stuffs.

9.30 am: Eat breakfast! Then I'll wait for the nurse to come and send my baby and breastfeed her.

10.30 am: Sleep! After a long sleepless night, I deserve some sleep :p


12.00 pm: They'll serve lunch. And sometimes when I don't finish my breakfast, they'll ask whether the food is okay or not. So caring :') (their portion so big!!!)

1.00 pm: Housekeeping akak will come and clean the room, clean the bathroom, take the laundry, change the toilet paper.

Yes, free laundry :)

During this time, sometimes I play with my baby, feed her, change her diapers or continue sleeping.

3.00 pm: Sometimes they'll send some soup, sometimes some desserts. I get excited when they send desserts! #sweettooth

On certain days, they'll organize some classes. I attended the "Baby Bath" class. The nurses teach us on how to bath the baby with practical. As a first time mummy, of course I don't have much experience and the class is so good, I feel very confidence to bath my baby after this.

4.00 pm: The class normally took around 45 minutes - 1 hour. After that, I'll feed my baby and continue sleeping! (again haha)

There are days where the nurse will come and check on you and the baby, whether everything is okay, (eg your lochia, breast engorgement, feeding etc)

Sometimes they'll provide massage to reduce the breast engorgement, tips and trick to reduce them. (Which I never knew before!)

Hot water to reduce breast engorgement

They'll also provide breast pump for supplies, just in case. I don't have to worry about anything because they'll teach on how to use the breast pump.

Tommee Tippee single breast pump. 

6.00 pm: They'll serve dinner. For muslims, you don't have to worry because the food is muslim-friendly.

They'll also provide air herba, some to increase mummy's milk supply, some to reduce backpain, some to cleanse the body.

7.00 pm: Rest, breastfeed.


8.00 pm: They'll send some soup.

9.00 pm: Nurse will come to check on the baby (temperature, jaundice) and everyday they'll give this piece of paper to jot down the feeding time and nappy changing time to keep track.

10.00 pm: Watch movie etc. Duh of course, they provide a super fast internet connection okay! One of the reason why I love this place hehe

12.00 am: Sleep! But normally I have to wake up every 1 hour to feed the baby. And if I'm exhausted, I can always call the nurse to help me. They are available 24/7 so I don't have to worry about anything.

Repeat the routine.

In Esther Postpartum Care, you'll have plenty of rest because there are so many people that will help and assist you 24/7. All you need to do here is have a good rest and feed your baby (if you want to breastfeed), and just enjoy the moment :)

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Their address:
Kaseh 1 (Ground Floor) Cinta Condominium, 
No.1, Jalan Madge, Taman U Thant, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Or you can call them at +603-2181 5995, or simply email them at estherpostpartum@gmail.com

For more info and packages, you can visit their facebook: facebook.com/estherpostpartumcare

Or website: estherpostpartumcare.com