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Newborn necessities on Motherhood.com

I love shopping. And online shopping? The best. I can browse stuffs and add them to cart without being interrupted. Or I can survey stuffs that I want need to buy :p

Bila first time pregnant, the first thing that popped into my mind, "Apa website best untuk shopping barang baby?!" Cause I have no idea at all. Zero. Never surveyed any baby-related things online. (Sekarang dah pandai sikit dah lah hahaha)

One of the best website to survey, cuci mata, and meroyan rasa nak beli je is: MOTHERHOOD.COM.MY

Checklist for your newborn:

#1: Diapering

1. Either disposable ones (pakai buang) or cloth diapers (I malas nak cuci so I pakai disposable je haha) 

2. Baby wipes
3. Diaper rash cream

#2: Feeding

1. Breast pump. Ada banyak jenis breastpump dekat Motherhood.com ni, boleh survey. Tapi kalau taknak beli breastpump lagi, I bought this collection cup, very useful untuk taknak membazir susu:

2. Breastmilk storage. Ni plastic/botol untuk simpan stok susu dalam peti. Dalam pantang pun dah boleh buat stok susu. I prefer plastik sebab jimat space. (Tapi I tak buat pun stok lagi)

3. Breastpad. THIS IS REALLYYY IMPORTANT sebab susu always bocor. Again, disposable or washable, depends on you.

4. Nursing pillow. This one is important during pantang sebab memang kena fokus nak susukan baby and you reallyyy need a nursing pillow.

5. Nipple cream, I use this!

Others (kalau working mums), sebab dulu I pernah survey things to buy sebab mana tahu nak kerja lepas bersalin, turns out, I decided to be a fulltime housewife haha. Yang ni kalau nak jimat, boleh beli lepas habis pantang pun takpe, beli sikit sikit dulu: Cooler bag, ice packs, breastpump bag, nursing cover, warmer, sterilizer, bottles and teats.

Eh jap apasal ni comel sangat??

#3 Bathing

Yang ni I dah pernah listkan things to buy untuk newborn: (CHECKLIST: NEWBORN GROOMING / TOILETRIES STUFF)

1. Cleanser. I use BUDS. Tapi kat sini weh so cheap ada 20% off!

2. Lotion/ baby oil
3. Bath tub
4. Towels
5. Nasal aspirator. This is the one I bought, sangaaaaaat berguna nak sedut segala hingus. I bought this since pregnant lagi hahaha excited nak sedut hingus anak. THIS IS WAJIB

6. Laundry cleaner / detergent. Untuk basuh baju baby, sebab takut kulit dia allergic.

Others, you can refer to the post.

#4: Nursery

Kalau macam segala baby cot and mattress, I prefer to buy dekat kedai. But things like swaddle and muslin, ada banyak choices yang cantik cantik dekat Motherhood.com ni. Swaddle ni kain bedung baby la kiranya.

Eyyy so cute!


1. Newborn clothes
2. Sling/carrier
3. Carseat
4. Stroller

Semua ni ada dekat Motherhood.com

And sekarang ni ada banyak promotion!

Pigeon Clothes Online Sale, dapat free baby wipes with minimum spend of RM150. Boleh la beli baju baby banyak banyak untuk buat stok sebab yesss, baby pakai banyak baju. Sehari at least tiga pasang!

Free shipping sampai 31st May 2017 sempena Mother's Day! (Untuk certain products je yang ada promo)

Ok sebenarnya time browse ni, dah macam macam I masukkan dalam cart sebab hello, free shipping!

Actually ada macam macam lagi, bukan setakat untuk newborn. memang kalau mak mak ni jadi rambang mata, semua benda nak beli *nangis*

Pergilah visit MOTHERHOOD.COM and get ready rambang mata!

Thank you for reading.

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  7. These Prices are really reasonable...

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